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Presentation of Ms Le Thuy Oanh - Overseas in Hungary
Dear Chairman of the delegation, said the delegates. I am Le Thuy Oanh, doctors from Budapest Hungary. Today I report on the topic:
Application and development of implants only in Vietnam
More and more people tend to return to nature, prevention and healing methods and natural products. People are afraid of surgery, fear of toxic and side effects of the drug. The Asian healing methods are increasingly trusted by the West. Especially plants only. Implantation only called Buried just, burying only ... is to suture the points system of meridians to maintain long-term stimulation create therapeutic effects as acupuncture constantly. Such implants is only one method of SFX Acupuncture and is a combination of traditional medicine with modern medicine. As a step of acupuncture techniques. By measuring and testing equipment modern biochemistry. The use of catgut implantation into the grave effects of increased protein, lactic acid and increased hydratcacbon reduce nutrient metabolism of the body, besides the stimulation of acupuncture points through which the blood circulation to your more, the circulation of blood improve the region's paralyzed limb or the patient. At the same time increase the fiber bundle form, for muscle fibers loose, then tight end. Inside the body can generate new nerve fibers In Acupuncture to conduct the daily or every other day, the new implant achieved good results just three weeks to be conducted once. Therefore, the only effective implantation gigantic compared to acupuncture, especially for patients with chronic and difficult diseases that acupuncture can not be settled. For example as listed by the neuromuscular dystrophy, Down, deluding investment. Autism .. of allergic disorders of motor sensations, physiological, personality causes of brain, bone marrow, and nerves. Although in Budapest also has many Chinese physicians doing acupuncture therapy by transplantation but only Vietnam's strengths by convincing many cases cure serious diseases. The initial success of the implantation method only Vietnam had made since 1992 newspapers and television stations Budapest have introduced this method. Gradually the experts themselves admit and in medicine list Hungary had a new phrase (Vietnami modszer). Until today, only Vietnam Implant Le Thuy Oanh method is no stranger to the Hungarians and the surrounding water. 2000 we published the first implant in the world only, books have been translated into Hungarian in 2008. With 27 years of experience and nearly 20 years working in Hungary and Europe our Institute has solved hundreds face various diseases, including some patients who have been returned from the western medicine institute. 170 doctors trained within three years, the institute has successfully treat 75 cases of infertility kinds of implants only herbal medicines and Vietnam. Not only cure for the Hungarians that we are healing for patients coming from neighboring countries and from around the world including the patients coming from the US, Australia, Switzerland, etc ... Transplanting just a method with high economic efficiency, saving time for patients and doctors. In particular it has superior effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic diseases. Since 1999 we have guided implantation method only for traditional medicine hospital Central. Nam2007-2008 we have guided and funded transplant only money, tools and sewing for the Van Canh Friendship Village for the treatment of patients exposed to Agent Orange. So far they have applied this method is very effective. Also in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province has a medical facility has implantation only practice our method has over 5 years, every day fighting 200 to 300 patients coming from each city neighborhood I can.Theo City needs a transplant center only. Acupuncture doctors, the health food can only learn to practice implant.
In the spirit of a patriotic Vietnam, we are eager to contribute to the ability of experience, his material, contribute to building a Vietnam country mighty, rich and beautiful. Glasses look forward to the help of the local authorities so that we can accomplish our aspirations
Many thanks to the attention of the delegates.
Doctor: Le Thuy Oanh - Director of Vietnam Institute in Budapest implanted only
Web: www.catgut-embedding.net
Email: info@catgut-embedding.net
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