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TREATMENT PROCESS disc herniation in the cultures JUST CLICK graving

Acupuncture is a traditional treatment of China, Vietnam and some countries in the Orient.
Today, this technique is no stranger to the countries in the world such as Asia, Europe, America .. The use of catgut implantation in graving only be regarded as a special method of acupuncture and may it cure certain diseases.
Implantation method just put on acupuncture points just catgut meridians system to maintain long-term stimulation thereby creating the therapeutic effect as acupuncture include: burial only, buried only, only occasional, belt force only.
Disc herniation is a dangerous disease, leaving many consequences and serious complications for patients. There are many treatments herniated disk as medication, physical therapy, surgery, implants only in graving ... Measures implanted only in graving is a useful solution for people with herniated disc and highly effective in the treatment process.
Cure a herniated disk in the cultures just do not "cocoon" Should patients with uncomplicated cases of muscle atrophy, urinary incontinence can be conducted. Measures to stimulate transplanted only enhanced nutrition, nerve recovery, muscular. Where to postoperative sequelae still apply implantation method only.
Using implanted only in graving quite safe, not cause complications for patients. Proportion of patients with recurrent disc herniation after treatment with this method is very small, only happen in case of high age-related degeneration involves, there are mistakes in the course of daily exercise.
Process repair a herniated disk in the cultures just in graving quite simple. Patients often have to undergo therapy and 3 may be more subject to disease, the cause defended. Each implant therapy to acupuncture points just 15 days apart, this is the advantage of this method by shortening the duration of treatment.
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