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Facility 1: Budapest-Hungary. Dr. Le Thuy Oanh operator.

Address: Hungary, 1161 Budapest, Csomori utca 73
Tel, fax: 003614057915
Hotline: 0036302419119
Email: Info@catgut-embedding.net
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Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

Address: 19 Alley 24 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Phone: 0243.5380.677 0903.231.148 - 0983.977.580
Email: vananh_ac01@yahoo.com
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Transplanting is just one method of treatment no special medication, acupuncture originality of Vietnam, including just buried, buried only, only occasional, belt force only. Acupuncture is a new approach, applying modern scientific advancement of engineering on the basis of inheriting the theory and experience of acupuncture.
Implantation method just put on acupuncture points just catgut meridians system to maintain long-term stimulation thereby creating the therapeutic effect as acupuncture. Catgut implantation in graves have been found to increase protein, increase metabolism hydratcarbon and nutrition of muscle, thanks to continuous stimulation at acupuncture points that improves your blood circulation to the transplanted area or region only paralyzed patient, increased tone muscle fibers.
Implantation only - to be administered to patients with chronic disease after therapy with acupuncture, discharge awaiting the next course of treatment. Patients with chronic disease conditions without regular acupuncture. Contraindications for patients are high fever, paroxysmal hypertension, in patients with contraindications for acupuncture. patients allergic to catgut.
The steps of transplanting only include:
1. The patient lies, reveal vented indicated.
2. The physicians perform surgical sterilization as: washing hands, wearing gloves, covered with holes chancre.
3. Cut each piece into long catgut only 1 to 1.5 cm.
4. Pass the only metal cut into heart transplantation only.
5. Disinfect the area transplants only vented.
6. Insert the needle implanted only in the grave, pierced through the skin quickly, then slowly push the needle into the grave, deep from 1-3 cm depending vented.
7. Push the barrel and pulled slowly into the needle fast, catgut remains in the grave.
8. Withdraw the entire needle out of the grave.
Sterile gauze 9.Dat and tape.
10. Is the process: from 3-4 weeks once implanted; Does the process from 2-6 times, depending on the patient and the patient's response.
The mechanism of transplanting only:
- Catgut is only used in surgical procedures, essentially an absorbable protit within 20- 25 days, when taken into the body (implanted several times, each time with> 20 days), as an allergen stimulation the body produces antibodies enclosure nonspecific change the way the immune response and thus do not appear the symptoms of allergies.
- Only your catgut implanted grave effect on physical properties, creating a mechanical stimuli like acupuncture should have mechanisms of action such as the mechanisms of action of natural philosophy cuu.Tuy explaining the mechanism of action acupuncture is currently no uniform, interpretation is widely recognized as the most effective mechanism to explain the theory of acupuncture according to nerve - humoral (modern medicine) and Theory meridians (traditional).
+ The mechanism of action of acupuncture under the doctrine nerve - humoral.
Acupuncture is a stimulation causes reflex arc to take effect and disrupt supply inhibiting pathological reflexes. (According kassin volganic and the former Soviet Union have local effects, effects section and systemic effects)
+ The mechanism of action of acupuncture according to traditional doctrine: When a disease that is out of balance Yin - Yang, disturbance of the normal operation of communication systems. Acupuncture works Air Yin - Yang and conditioning mechanical energy meridians system activity.
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