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Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

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Society grows with the level of information technology, television ... Makes you and your children can sit all day inside the TV or laptop not bored. So instead of talking and playing with kids you just have 1 TVs or laptop?
     Currently morbidity in children with autism is increasing affect the quality of life of children and families and the whole society. Above is one of the causes of this strange disease in young people. The baby gradually separating from the current society, withdrawing into a virtual society, one of their own space with messy thoughts to accompany one of the symptoms such as significant deficiencies interpersonal behavior ; underdeveloped in relation friends; unknown seek passion, share the joy; delayed or lost entirely in speaking, talking nonsense verses, duplicate eccentric language; not like playing these new toys, diversity; stimulate movement and jumping, naughty, hit you, ...; repeated gestures, stereotypes, focusing on the small details, imagination, .... Reduce the development of intelligence as well as the young physically present and the future.
   Finding and researching effective treatments for this disease is not only a question for the patient's family but also the preoccupations of the doctors and nurses in the medical sector.
 Thuy Oanh Dr.Le institute and Rehabilitation Director of the Institute implanted only Yamamoto Budapest, the pioneer developer implantation method only, with nearly 30 years of research in the field of transplantation therapy only and clinical experience in both local and international have see the efficiency in the use of implantation only method for treating children with autism. Statistics on clinical cases in Vietnam, Hungary, France ... shows that the most effective solution for children with autism are able to integrate back into society. And methods to implant only solved this problem:
For children hyperactivity, constantly running, vandalism. Implantation only help more childish and more listening.
Improved ability to speak, to communicate with relatives and friends peers.
Stable and balanced state of body.
Help children focus, intently. Thereby improving the ability to thinking and intellectual development
Sociable with friends: same players, same school, same talk.
     The treatment is absolutely no drug should not leave any side effects during treatment.
   Along with the cooperation from the family as well as teaching special care from teachers. We aim to help all patients with autism can have fun and develop their talents, like many other young intellectual.
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