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Facility 1: Budapest-Hungary. Dr. Le Thuy Oanh operator.

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Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

Address: 19 Alley 24 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Phone: 0243.5380.677 0903.231.148 - 0983.977.580
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Le Thuy Oanh doctor born in a family of veteran revolutionary cadres in Hanoi. Time she attended the Academy of Military Medicine is the American era B52 bomb used to destroy Capital fiercest. From 1982 to work at the Institute of Military Medicine internal medicine Tim mach- 91-sister taught himself more and expertise combined with his own successful treatment for many patients with asthma, joint pain method catgut implantation. Especially you have to explore, study and find ways to improve implant needles just to treat patients more effectively.
Perhaps the magic needle is implanted just tied her activities, made his name in her community as well as in professional circles in the country, and brought her success to be proud of a career Doctor on Traditional Medicine. This needle has made a medical treatment called her new nation: Le Thuy Oanh- method that Hungarian colleagues in the Institute of Physiotherapy joints and Hungary-where she was called to cooperate.
Acupuncture and catgut implantation is subject not only her passion for researching, learning to colleagues write the book Acupuncture Simplified Weak - published in 1990, reprinted in 1992- a book extremely necessary for those interested in the subject, but also was the content of her work from the work to date.
If the Vietnamese people in the community do not forget the feeling of joy when thanks to the treatment of Dr. Oanh, they have repeatedly escape dull pain but discomfort of neuropathy
coordinates, joint pain, asthma ... and many other chronic diseases, the patients Hung, or from other countries not to forget her merits in contributing to treatment with high results as paralysis patients , deafness, obesity, hypertension, stomach ...
Thuy Oanh doctors name not unfamiliar with the medical organization in Hungary as acupuncture Institute and Rehabilitation Yamamoto Budapest, Institute for care and nurture children in Debrecen. As with pretty whitewashed houses pink, her family in Budapest is one of the Vietnamese people here can come and heal anytime.
In 1992, Ms. Oanh was one of the two Asians were recognized as the most successful in Hungary. Many nationally known her for success in cooperation with leading professor Nguyen Tai Thu The first years of the 21st century is the time she achieved many professional achievements best. Only the medical literature, there are two books she edited, including the book "The circuit diagnostics" - Medical Publishers, 1999, reprinted in 2000, and the book "implant only" -The Medical Publishing, 2000. The two books are in the process of translation into Hungarian and English. She also wrote and co-workers of "Acupuncture synthesis" - Medical Publishers, 2002. Not to mention the international conference on traditional medicine, which she attended, she was a regular in the case cooperation with charitable health organizations like the school children Birlla India, the poor disabled children in Hanoi ...
Like many well-known talent, Le Thuy Oanh doctors have a modest style, modest. Contact with her husband and pharmacists understanding and experience of the sister, we always have a deep impression on the young intellectuals Vietnam energetic, full of passion for the profession, determined to pursue the same good purposes set out in life, whether in any life situation yet.
Often people or great success in business is the only prominent face of many expatriates living abroad. But the main achievement of his career abroad, that's the dream, that concern, the happiness of people have attended a certain particular profession. This achievement not only rely on luck, extraordinary fortunes of the living environment, but mainly thanks to the earnest passion for this job, by all who overcome the material and spiritual difficulties, to follow through with his career ...
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