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Facility 1: Budapest-Hungary. Dr. Le Thuy Oanh operator.

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Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

Address: 19 Alley 24 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Phone: 0243.5380.677 0903.231.148 - 0983.977.580
Email: vananh_ac01@yahoo.com
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There is a woman Vietnam has recorded his name in many countries around the world with hands diligently, skillfully, with impassioned study in the medical field. Ms Le Thuy Oanh physicians - who are reputed magazine "Ki Kie-than-majority - Who is Who" of Hungary voted the best in Asia with the success of the "method of transplanting only".

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"Methods Le Thuy Oanh implant only"
Acupuncture is a traditional treatment of China, Vietnam and some Eastern countries. Today, this technique is no longer alien to many Westerners. And implanted only considered special acupuncture, combined with traditional medicine and modern medicine. This method has been effective in treating many diseases such as arthritis, asthma, inflammatory sciatica, paralysis, peripheral nerve 7, deafness, obesity, hypertension, stomach, memory recovery, maintenance function for children with down, reduce pain, improve resistance ...
From an early age, Le Thuy Oanh liked medicine. She competition at the Military Medical Academy. In 1982, after graduating, she worked at the Faculty of cardiovascular internal - Military Medical Academy 91. The nature of the intellectual hardworking young sister inspires learning and expertise combined with successful treatment for many patients by means of "cat-gut transplant only". In 1984, she transferred to the Institute of Vietnam acupuncture. Here, she is "giant tree" in acupuncture, Professor Nguyen Tai Thu conditional instruction should improve transplant needle achieve greater efficiency.
In early 1990, she accepted the invitation of the "Institute of Physiotherapy joint Hungarian-Hungarian" to countries you do experts teaching and treatment. From that time, she was receiving professional domestic and international attention. Implantation method has only enhanced the prestige, fastened her name in a career as a physician according to traditional medicine.
Currently, in addition to the main work in public hospitals of Hungary, she also opened a private hospital named "Institute for Rehabilitation implanted only Vietnam" between the capital Budapest magnificent pest. By transplanting only needle, doctors Oanh has treated over 500 cases of cancer, hundreds of people got polio, the disease executioner, inflammatory sciatica, joint pain ... 40 infertile couples have also found pleasure thanks this method.
Charisma and her talent was beyond the Hungarian border, many countries have developed medicine like France, Germany invited her to teach and treat patients by means of "implant only" entitled Le Thuy Oanh.
Towards homeland
She still maintains a working visit to Vietnam, to convey the skills and experience in problems in the cultures treated only for medical staff, doctors from many hospitals, medical centers. We see you shining 7/3, in Vietnam Friendship Village when she and a team of volunteer doctors are directly implanted only to the children who are children wounded. With a gentle face, casual demeanor, her enthusiastic team of medical guidelines, doctors of the health center Friendship Village. This will be the direct treatment and monitor the patient's health status in the future - when she returned to Hungary-Hungarian. She shared: "Method not only too complex transplants in the treatment, but highly effective. Many patients in Vietnam has not only supported and healed by this method. Vietnam we have a much more favorable than in many other countries as well as team physician medical students studying in the school are learning about acupuncture. So, learning and training about transplanting method will only go so smoothly. I look forward to his contribution in the treatment of disease by this method for Vietnam ".
Em Lam Thi Van (25 years, Van Canh village - Hoai Duc - Ha Tay) right hemiplegia, walking and talking very difficult. But after the treatment 10 times in the cultures only, now I was able to move on your own, talk more and more clear sound. All children entering treatment are monitoring the situation and have their health changes in rehabilitation departments.
Together, the three of her books is "The circuit diagnostics" (Publisher Medicine 1999), "implant only" (Publisher Medicine 2000) and "Acupuncture general" (Medical Publishing House 2002) has been translated into three languages: Vietnamese, English, Hungarian-Hungarian scientific work is meaningful and practical reasoning and contributed to the study and treatment of disease by transplanting only method.
One month in Vietnam terribly short. She returned Hungarian Hungarian with lots intended work. 18 years to live in Europe, but her heart has always been towards the motherland - is where you want to make many plans, wanted to cure many more people in the cultures that she had fought only study Research.
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