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Hope: Treatment of infertility for women in the cultures only
Clinics, medical treatment only in the cultures of Vietnam in Budapest.
If you hear someone say that there is a new therapeutic approach would help paralyzed people walk, the deaf will hear again, would anyone doubt. Yet many people tell Borsnak sheet that cultured only gave them unexpected results.
Inez is a 3 year old child very healthy. His parents tried to 2007 the Vietnamese female doctor working in Hungary for infertility treatment by acupuncture new methods that only implant. Zsofia CSERI told reporters our newsroom saying they do not want to use the method of in vitro births because they saw their acquaintances was tormented so much mentally, especially when not success. So they decided to try methods that previously had people tell them.
The child was born!
-When To Le Thuy Oanh doctor, we think that is not what to believe, but just try to see because we did not lose anything. But unexpectedly, just after one treatment I was pregnant - The mother later recalled that while one brother born to Inez again and come next April will be born third child, she said: "The method This treatment not only helps me get the baby was born, but also cured me overactive thyroid disease, a disease that was previously professor venerable 65 years have confirmed that there is no hope to be cured. " Kikunfelegyhazi mother told the reporter our newsroom as each course of treatment, the doctor gave short suture passages 20-30 in the body acupuncture points on the head and all the temples .
Dr Le Thuy Oanh is a slender woman, but has worked with a great intensity. To Hungary since 1989 when the EU is going on the CM to change the social regime. And Hungary now only perform acupuncture only this particular implant, an invention of the Vietnamese acupuncturist sector
-On The human body has more than 1,200 acupuncture points when lit at all likely affects the internal organs in the body. Compared with traditional acupuncture method, the implant is effective only until thoroughly segment can be implanted in self-spent. So the possibility of cure rate is also very high.
Asian female earner doctor said she has written four books on healing method only this implant, two books have been officially recognized as the curriculum in universities Ethnic Medicine in Vietnam.
His arms move
The years, hundreds of babies have been born after infertility treatment of mothers and fathers. Moreover, implant treatment only help quadriplegic patients, cardiac, venous ... Albert László, 54 years old man told reporters of Chunga me as follows: May 2000 he has been fighting from paralysis due to nerve inflammation worsened. Before that he went to the hospital, where they were used methods try to eliminate the disease molecules in blood. But this method is effective only support about 1-2 days.
-At The Vietnamese clinics, doctors have implanted only in the blood of the head, forehead, temples, spine, between the toes and my fingers, all over 40 acupuncture points. Shortly after the first time I've felt better, after 1-2 months I have self control and breeds and walk, then again without crutches and now I work for 12 hours a day capacity. Thankfully I feel very healthy and on January 3 from Lukacshazarol time I go for treatment to strengthen the immune system
The deaf to hear
With implants only method of Dr Le Thuy Oanh, most of the patients have improved both cases almost no hope, even congenital deafness or paralysis in varying degrees.
According to the newspaper Bors said the patients requested anonymity said the doctor treating stroke left arm saying he would never move again. But after only a few passages - he says - "the miracle happened that he never imagined." The mother of a baby with autism told us that her son was calmer, more focused and more frequent movement.
As far as female physicians, the secret of success in traditional oriental medicine when sick human body as a unit. The importance of it is equilibrium "of energy Activation opposition" or release energy concentrated in one place, which is trying to restore equilibrium in the body
Women Writing bac 2.Bao Oanh http://www.nlcafe.hu/egeszseg/20110829/gyogyitottak_a_bor_ala_ultetett_cernak/#step1
The implantable thread cure
They shot only fragments of human skin, sounds really creepy. Yet women of our colleagues have accepted to cure.
Pain is fearsome, but tortured with sickness, people still have to try every way they escape the disease. I also feel the same way, every time the month, lower abdominal pain made me squirm almost unbearable. Gynecologists best, the best medicine is not curable. Western medicine has been insufficient. So I've come to see medicine can help me not. I visited Dr. Le Thuy Oanh Vietnamese people through the recommendation of a friend.
The existence of a small clinic with only implant method is surprisingly little known. Yet through the hands of a woman doctor brought little miracles: People with epilepsy have all attacks, infertile women who were pregnant, those who were overweight were slender, who depressed start to see the poetry of life, people with allergies to breathe more comfortably, the lives of cancer patients has been prolonged autistic people have learned to speak, feeling pain to nausea every time the month is gone forever
Patients escape the fate of illness
Step through a small door in the 16th district clinics, the Europeans see as being lost in a strange world. Space faint aroma of male drug, a music very soothing Asian region the distance, the sound of men converse in Vietnamese small, whisper ... It's not a clinic atmosphere, which is a where somewhat mysterious nature, which entered the patient to feel confident and hope to get help cure.
Female doctor treating in Hungary
Dr. Le Thuy Oanh female oriental medicine doctor, treatment by the method of the Vietnamese acupuncturist. Rheumatism hospital in 1990 and the National Physical Therapy (ORFI) invited to Hungary to work. Her implantation method only improve today was world famous. In France, Germany ... also ongoing treatment under this method. But many people want to treat her at the small clinic.
In the waiting room there young father holding his young daughter and 2 year old ailing doctor greeted warmly. He said: "We've been thinking all night yesterday and decided to take her to the clinic", the baby is put to implant only without crying. Opposite is an old man neatly, he said getting materials to the clinic for patients that lose up to 20 kg, in far more couples are anxious for kids sports accident, the injured spinal cord - career crashes - but wished I could go back to normal recovery is
I have read the letters in the waiting room, they talk about the last hope to come here after doctors elsewhere capitulated incurable.
In the meantime, employees of the clinic requires me to declare the disease in patient. The course of treatment is not only a medical treatment that cures the entire body - besides the treatment of severe pain when coming months, also employ an stresz workplace, farsightedness 2 diopja, stomach pain, often constantly sensitive to light and does not absorb the sugar in milk, I write down the insomnia, back pain and are often more freckles and spots
After the paperwork was in clinic
While the doctor is not listening to the heart, does not need to breathe deeply. The diagnosis a little bit strange. Doctors say foreign accent asked me to speak Hungarian tongue and consider carefully and recorded in my medical record. different from the examination of family physicians is to press the tongue down flat piece of wood to see the throat. I later learned that tongue color, tongue and furry tongue groove has revealed the condition and status of all my body now. My wrist pulse at 3 points, the doctor learned the operating status of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys I like. The doctor said the pain when the month is only a symptom expression out for us to realize, but behind it there are relevant reasons leading to pain. If a kidney or heart function as well which will have a positive impact on other parts and eventually the body will adjust treatment.
The implant only
just basic implant instead of conventional acupuncture needles, doctors use absorbable sutures to stitch the wound, cut into small pieces and then implanted into the subcutaneous. This will lay only in the blood of absorbable and after 3 weeks, 3 weeks during which always stimulates nerve under the skin. In other words it is the effect of long and continuous unlike the conventional acupuncture. The segment can be put into the graving will launch in the body energy flow, continuous stimulation to clear the meridian lines and so the body will adjust illness.
The only step implantation
The implant is only used by a special needle can give only passage into the pump and then inserted into small sections down just under the skin, which require the patient to relax the body, the better. But ordinary Europeans do not do so before transplanting just 30 'minutes masszas. Then when the patient was still in a state of being relaxed, pleasurable it can be implanted only. First implanted only in the feet, legs and on the pillow, and then the abdomen, breast, neck and face. Next is prone to transplant pointing down my spine. Each node transplants only feeling a little sore than mosquito bites. Just be inserted under the skin quickly when feeling pain, then was implanted just finished. Fear of needles to people thousands of times larger than the actual treatment. After transplant patients only feel totally special but so far unprecedented. There is something going on in the body, very strange but euphoria, drowsiness. (Treatment at 8 o'clock then I sleep for 1 sleep 8 hours). Of course I felt just below the skin fragments. I was not wearing the pants buttons and so strutting out of the room like the fear of miraculous passage will only slipped away. Just need a little time to get used to the idea that I had turned into a hedgehog with the hairs bristling body rotates inward, and about half a day then pleased to know only fragments remain united continue to work in his body.
Since fighting first time so far has been half a year. Through 6 times, then 2 times transplanting only the beginning of my menstrual pain than before. After the 3rd and 4th, I no longer have any more pain medicine. To fully recover I tried changing nutrition to suit my blood group help accelerate the healing process altogether. Not only all the pain that my body was balanced and stress is no longer frequented with me anymore.
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