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There are some physical signs to alert you to the hospital immediately. Learn to recognize them.
According to the signs warning danger from your body (Your Body's Red Light Warning Signals), doctors Neil Shulman, Jack Birge and Joon Ahn - from Georgia (United States) said that, your body giving signs , symptoms and manifestations warn potential health risks. Knowing recognize these signs and get emergency medical attention can save you and your family.
6 noticeable signs include:
1. Paralysis legs or hands, tingling, numbness, silly, dizziness, vertigo, stutter, can not express, or weakness, especially on one side of the face or body.
These are the signs of a stroke when the arteries that supply oxygen to the brain are blocked or rupture, causing death of brain tissue.
Symptoms depend on the area of ​​the brain affected. If a blocked blood vessels around large will affect a wide area of ​​the brain, can cause hemiplegia and other functions such as speaking and understanding. If the area is blocked small blood vessels, which can only arm, leg, or face paralyzed.
If you detect these symptoms should call an ambulance immediately. Treatment within the first 3 hours after the symptoms start is best.
2. chest pain or pain in the arms, jaw, or neck; cold sweats; exhausted; nausea; vomiting; want fainting; or trouble breathing are all signs of a heart attack.
If you get some symptoms, should call an ambulance and hospitalized immediately. Shulman and Birge also recommend that patients chew an aspirin (unless allergic to aspirin) to prevent damage to the heart muscle as a heart attack.
Particularly women, the elderly and people with diabetes may have a heart attack without chest pain symptoms. Signs in people include weakness, dizziness sudden, heart pounding, out of breath, sweating, sa slam, nausea and vomiting.
3. General and calf pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, or coughing up blood.
Signs of thrombosis in the legs, especially after sitting for a long time, like on a plane, sitting in the car on a long trip. These signs may also appear if you often lie after surgery.
The blood collects in the legs often while sitting or lying down too long. If thrombosis occurs in the foot, calf can feel swollen, sore and outline the touch. If sudden chest pain or shortness of breath, which can rupture and thrombosis were fragments through the bloodstream to the lungs, enter the emergency staff.
4. Elementary bleeding without pain
Any time you notice blood in their urine need to visit soon, with or without pain.
Kidney stones or bladder infections or prostate is a common cause cause blood in the urine. These problems often cause pain or discomfort should be seek timely treatment.
Conversely, when you see blood in the urine but no pain, some people do not visit the home track, especially when the phenomenon occurs only once. Such fact should not, no pain no means not serious.
Cancer of the kidney, ureter, bladder, or prostate can cause urinary tract bleeding. When they are small and treatable, they can not hurt. So do not overlook this important sign because by Shulman and Birge, blood in the urine may be the only clues to early diagnosis.
5. Symptoms of asthma without improving or worsening.
Asthma manifestations wheezing or difficulty breathing. When asthma is not better or worse, the patient should be an emergency.
If asthma is not treated, it can cause chest muscle exhaustion and death. Some people with asthma often reluctant to the emergency room because they went so many times before, or need someone to drive away as too difficult to breathe.
Because asthma makes breathing difficult, the support body may fatigue and breathing air mass exchange in the lungs will drop. The result is a reduction in the amount of oxygen in the blood CO2 levels rise. Birge and Shulman explained that: "The accumulation of CO2 in the blood as cerebral paralysis, can make you feel sleepy. You may lose strength and motivation to breathe".
"When people have to understand current asthma need a break, there may be signs of respiratory distress, fatigue," Birge says. Finally, the patient can stop breathing. Shulman said that the patients really are in danger. Patients who believe they are healthy when they are actually becoming weaker. "They became fearless and seemingly more peaceful while in fact, they are dying".
One of the most important things was prolonged asthma attack soon. If you have struggled with asthma after several hours of endless, go to the hospital for assistance immediately.
6. Depression and suicidal thinking
"Depression can be life threatening because the patient may commit suicide. Patients should understand that their brain chemical imbalance. It is a disease like other diseases."
The symptoms of depression include sadness, fatigue, apathy, anxiety, sleep habits change, and loss of appetite. Depression can be treated with medication and psychotherapy.
If you have thoughts of suicide, take the initiative to see a doctor to be treated promptly.
Khanh Vy (According to WebMD)


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