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Erectile dysfunction

Only transplants in the treatment of physiological weak
In modern life we ​​have today in addition to the exogenous problems like environmental pollution greatly affect human health to a cause equally serious that work pressure, habit drinking, smoking causes celiac functional disorders reduces blood circulation and yin-yang imbalance with many diseases arise and headaches for the clinical treatment of these diseases one could mention the physiological impairments, erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction (including vascular - ED) is a term used world learning opportunity Nam to replace from impotence, impotence, male hypogonadism ... since 1997. This situation occurs inter continue in a long time will affect the psychological life of both parties.
            According to the literature shows that, at ages 40-70 to 50% of men with ED, it may occur earlier than at ages 20-30.
            Disease social nature, though not dangerous, fatal and non-aid need but it significantly affected the lives of human spirit. Many family tragedies have occurred, many couples have not enjoyed full of happy spring, have to separate or divorce, adultery born status ....
            Hotel in Vietnam due to the increasing population, more patients inferiority assistance, support is dominated by the traditional moral concepts, need to care about reproductive health is increasingly valued.
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
 Treatment of ED according to modern medicine
Modern medicine (modern medicine) has many medical treatments, depending on the cause as psychotherapy, hormones, medications, injections directly into the cave animals, surgery ... But each method has some limitations and undesirable effects different.
Treatment of ED according to traditional medicine
Traditional medicine (traditional medicine) described evidence of ED within "Ocean naked," because the body causes weakness (heart spleen hurt purified dry gas consumption); by functional neurological disorders (nephrotic causing blood or sexual fine unbeaten erratic even for slow gas, gas can be crowded to. Can blood Museum, the balanced circuit, circuit data communication, lack of nurturing penis born impotence. As children often have blood stasis and causality, influence each other. Also due to prolonged low temperature (low heat build delay) also cause ED.
Treatment of ED in ONLY CULTURE
ONLY CULTURE is of modern medicine and traditional crystallization, this method is no drug treatment is Dr. Le Thuy Oanh improvement and development. This method of treatment is more effective disorders, including erectile dysfunction. For ED implants only brings remarkably effective in most cases, by stimulating hop.Thong graving continuously for 2-3 weeks after each plant is just as grave would only be implanted in that stimulate long note Long-vented to atmosphere, mixed blood also brings very positive results in the treatment of this disease can be especially gas UAT ED finals.
The most important thing that we want to give you that is healing methods besides implants only effective but especially with no side effects. This is a very important issue that patients should consider in selecting their treatments.
Causes of ED
- Do debilitating body (center damaged spleen) purified dry gas consumption, nourishing blood nowhere weighed born naked positive control.
- Kidney failure causes crystal damage blood: so excessive lust or masturbating so much ... hurt gas kidney, kidney gas operations commander of the subtle sound should genitalia (penis) erection can not be born impotence, or terrified because of kidney damage. Because natural first born poor kidney factor impotence.
- Do the media have been tough, long day to affect organ function can, air conditioning can achieve, Yuchi purified gas stagnant blood, bare sound bar is not positive and normal fluctuations harder penis or not erection.
- Due to low temperatures in the lower area of ​​stagnant consumption: due to long-term inflammation, urinary tract stones ... also can affect erectile abilities.
* Erectile dysfunction due to nerve function disorder (damaged kidney yang, the busy gas can)
 + Positive Kidney damage
- Symptoms: white countenance, back pain, tinnitus, fatigue knees, blurred vision, poor food, cold hands and feet, afraid of cold, lumbar cold, little sleep, anxiety, impotence, mobile satellite, bass circuit drawbacks .
- France therapy: lower natural complement Wen, sedation
      According to traditional medicine, men, the penis was not as soft, not intercourse is called impotence. Patients with very low libido, erectile penis not to be, or are reluctant to re-erect the limp right. Therefore can not be normal intercourse.
* Etiology and myopathy
- When I was teenager excessive masturbation so severely damaged gas giants; or when the minor, transient racketeering, dried semen, from which was born limp penis erection not to be.
            - Seven domestic trade situation: think as mental fatigue, emotional trauma, disease pressure, the positive momentum into intelligent, so the variable hydro cup of blood, all will be loss, blood loss, blood loss then positive direction not elated. Long days of work stress can do any thing that fine blood gas stagnation. If frightened, the kidney damage, loss of erectile effect leads to impotence.
            - Like eating something salty concentration or excessive drinking, or too fat, your body has low capital flourished, resulting in lower heat distillation, support depressed big weight, well balanced circuit moss born impotence.
            - Korea capital disasters incomplete or advanced age positive thinking, crystal discharge welding, or post-disaster were not raised, physical weakness, are all the reasons born impotence.
* Treatment principles
     Kidney yang tonic par subject to fire damage; UAT the primary air can be involved, the UAT; Low temperatures delay the case to heat gain support low ...
As stated above, erectile dysfunction can have many typical least two gas can be crowded into and kidney yang are two possible failure Common treatments including implants only very effective.
+ Can the gas Yuchi
- Symptoms: headache, bitter mouth, the press irritability, difficulty penile erection or maintaining the erection but not for long, legendary circuit Isaac.
- France therapy: preliminary accused the Yuchi, sedative, spleen and kidney tonic
- Choose the grave lack of sufficient daring march across the ocean head on defense and the positive grave economic intelligence, sufficient negative pressure state ...
- Erectile dysfunction is a common disease nowadays, the disease tends to increase in the developed countries, in the intellectual labor.
- There are many treatments of the disease in which the implant is only non-drug method provides satisfactory results especially for patients with ED.
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