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Facial palsy

· Under "Symptoms Learning Medicine": Lit face is the loss or reduction of the transport toxic side half underlying facial skin due to nerve VII dominant.
· Display the peripheral surface is calculated from human lesions in brain wiring VII, central facial paralysis are calculated from previous injuries or older workers. VII cord paralysis cases' do not belong on the foam's case.
· Traditional medicine known as Ta Oa export label, Chairman Export, Dien nan (Coal), Feng cigarettes online, N Neurology Drugs,
· Age: What age can also develop the disease, in both sexes, but more common in bars and adult. The disease occurs in winter
· Very suitable for Acupuncture method, applying acupuncture as soon, as quickly and efficiently as high.
· The disease is characterized by a rapid recovery, but easy to sequelae of advocacy, aesthetic if not diagnosed and treated early.
· Most common cold peripheral facial palsy (80%). The majority of cases of facial paralysis (paralysis nerve VII), by cold, by congestion, acupuncture therapy gives good results. The cases listed by the slower recovery of infection. Peripheral nerve VII paralysis due to colds more easily recover from injury.
Paths and distribution of nerve or facial nerve 7.
I.Diem of TK stem present in brain.
II.Diem of nerve surface drainage away from the skull through the mastoid hole brooch.
1, the solar branch.
2, branch cheek.
3, branch presence.
4, mandibular branch.
5, the branch collar.
Feature nerve 7, also known as the facial nerve, the nerve is a mixed motor controller has both a feeling nerves, in the brain from the skull base to go out with wire No. 8 last nerve in the ear, then squeeze through a tube TK7 bone fallopian tube called narrow, then escaped through a hole in the skull base through the mastoid brooch.
So hurt nerves ahead of 7 fallopian tubes known as nerve damage central 7; and injury from fallopian tube passage back out the nerve damage called peripheral 7.
As described by Fuller et al, 7 peripheral nerve exit hole when they run very shallow brooch mastoid until branched lower jaw, then it goes to the parotid gland and in which it classified into three main branches to allocate to the surface That branch cheekbones (including branch temples and cheekbones), branched mouth and lower jaw branches (including branches and branch mandibular neck).
However the branches and sub-branches of the wire take up to 7000 TK7 small branch leading to all the face, neck, salivary glands and outer ear canal. This nerve controls movement of the muscles of the neck, forehead and expressionless body surface area, as well as controlling the intensity of sound. TK7 wire control also acts secretion of tears, saliva before mouth area. Control of 2/3 taste sensation tongue forward and the external ear canal. Premises division, branch and branch temples cheek steep run up, especially branched mouth and lower jaw bone branches peered down, run up on or behind the lower jaw bone branches so vulnerable when energy in compression in this area. In addition, damage may occur when the lower jaw impacts pull out front making facial nerve branches lower jaw bones stretched.
As described over 20 times TK7 cord dissection of Lisitsyn there are some differences in anatomy distribution branches of this nerve.
• First, the ramifications can spot high or low depending on the high or low position of the parotid gland.
• Second, the nerve may be located shallower than fashion.
• Third, the lower jaw bone branches sometimes run at a lower position than normal, when it it hugs the edge of space around the corner of the jaw.
So when squashed into the lower jaw can cause damage mandibular branch. Mandibular branch coordination function of the lower lip, so the lesions can more prevalent among the lower lip; as well as slight injuries such as trouble speaking, difficulty eating. However, other parts can also be found, depending on the branch of a nerve 7 affected.
Based on the structure of the cord anatomy VII, divided into 2 categories:
Central facial paralysis can: by damaging the cord's upper VII, often with hemiplegia. No sign of Charles Bell, never progress to be cramp.
Peripheral facial palsy: lesions caused by human right in the brain or in the ends of the outer sections. Often paralyzed both the top and underside, Charles Bell signs, can progress to be hard.
Traditional medicine
based on the causes of disease, divided into 3 categories:
Facial paralysis caused by welding room (VII nerve paralysis due to peripheral cold).
Facial paralysis due to room temperature (VII peripheral nerve paralysis caused by infections).
Facial paralysis due to blood stasis in the meridians (nerve paralysis due to a diagnosis of peripheral VII).
1.Theo Modern medicine:
1. Can Lit VII nerve center.
Usually caused by damage to the cerebral hemispheres in 1: ischemic stroke, brain hemorrhage, brain tumor ...
Millard-Gubler syndrome, peripheral facial palsy but still indentured under hemiplegia with Babinski sign opposite side of the face paralyzed.
Do u brain tumors in brain, cerebellum bridge u corner. U skull base: attention in skull base meningiomas.
Neurological complications of throat tumors.
Meningitis, especially tuberculosis meningitis.
2. Can VII nerve palsy Peripheral
Based on the location of personnel towards the ends of nerve VII, may be due to:
The cause of the ear: Acute otitis media or chronic, inflammatory osteopetrosis, ear mastoiditis
Parotid gland inflammation
Osteopetrosis injuries: broken bones due in large rock outside, in infants due to obstetric interventions (by clamping Foxcep, narrow pelvis mother ...).
Infection (herpes simplex virus type I and herpes zoster virus)
Meningitis thick stick, hurt TK from operating groove tube tuy- brain to the inner ear.
Because syphilis, nerve inflammation
Polio Children (Polye-paralyzed sides VII cord - brainstem can of polio, paralyzed half his face and both sides often occurs in children)
Tetanus of rase face ... all this can now very rare.
Zona knee ganglion (zona's knee): Shingles is a disease caused by acute neurotropic virus knee committed ganglia cause sudden facial paralysis. Characterized by rash: erythema, blisters around the ear, outer ear canal border region; may commit wire VII region, there may be erythema, blisters sprouting at 2/3 before the blade. Notes not to break blisters, as this will strip erythema, blisters caused widespread pinched many places.
Autoimmune diseases: lupus erythematosus ...
Caused by cold 80%. VII peripheral cord paralysis "chilling". Frequent and sudden illness after exposure to cold, yawning and possible paralysis that is due to latent infections, caused by cold expression ...
2. According to traditional medicine:
Ta Phong South gas due to infringement of Ocean 3 in hand (Prime positive school identity University, Tuc positive, proving Area and Additional temples bladder) makes the flow of trade stalled gas, blood gas not informed, Balance of malnutrition, not contraction is causing the disease.
Due to trauma (injury) do with cholestasis or meridians blood, blood gases without air conditioning, trade balance shrank undernutrition not caused illness.
1.Theo Modern medicine:
• The lopsided: face fresh been pulled aside, the list looks like mask, natural folds forehead wrinkles, nasolabial groove blurred or lost, distorted mouth and philtrum on the unaffected side (the side unable to move at will, so happy and sad without visible, hard to describe emotional facial image should have a wealth of facial VAM (loss of facial expression). The asymmetric as well as doing some patients proactive actions such as laughing, when bared teeth, puffy cheeks, blowing fire, whistling lateral deviation distortion healthy mouth.
Paralyzed side looks like masks, face expressionless
Lost or blurred forehead wrinkles
Lost or blurred nasolabial groove
Deviation of the healthy philtrum
Deviation of the healthy mouth
The lopsided clearer when patients bared teeth, puffy cheeks, blowing fire, whistling
• closed his eyes not on the list, while targeting the pupil moves upward and out to reveal a white section called positive signs Charle Bell.
     • Tell difficult
• deviation of the tongue paralysis (fresh push by the tongue side to side paralysis)
• Drink water, water flows out the side diseases, often eating food trapped between teeth and cheek on the disease
• In addition, a number of other less common symptoms like
The numbness on one side face
2/3 previous unpleasant tongue
Dry eyes do not tear or due to increased secretion of tears as tears nave, especially during or immediately after a meal.
Completely paralyzed case: Yes most such symptoms
Where the mild paralysis: It is often difficult to see the face of unbalanced, need meticulous examination, detected new persistence. Requires 2 sick tightly closed eyes, we see two sides eyelashes longer seemed paralyzed, paralyzed by the eye not being tightly contained.
• Differentiate with central facial paralysis: paralysis central VII lists only half underneath and no sign of Charles Bell not lose forehead wrinkles.
• The disease is characterized by a fast recovery, 70-80% of cases usually resolves after approximately 1-3 months. But some cases of progressive worsening due to wrong diagnosis and treatment, complications and sequelae such as corneal ulcers (due to closed eyes closed not prone to dirt cling wind infection), facial muscle twitching ( neurological recovery by not completely) or spastic half face (by nerve degeneration).
2. According to traditional medicine:
Can welding style: After the rain or cold wind or early morning wake up, eyes closed is natural, mouth distorted same side as the eye, in vulnerable drinking water flows out, no whistling is, afraid of the cold, moss tongue White, Phu Emergency circuit.
Fitness room temperature fever wind afraid, afraid of hot, his eyes were not closed, mouth distorted the party and drinking water to easily flow out, no whistles were, moss thick white tongue, pulse Phu Sac. Usually due to infections.
Can blood stasis: Eyes do not aim to be, distorted mouth, pain in the face. Often due to sequelae from injury: falls, after mastoid surgery, jaw ...
Effective treatment methods only Transplant
Normally nerve paralysis peripheral number 7 were treated with acupuncture, massage in combination with medication, therapy ..
Today, with the development of science and technology, the method of transplantation is the optimal choice only .su continuous impact in graving during treatment achieved very cao.kha efficient recovery faster than using the old method.
Besides the ability to treat patients, transplant patients only help enhance natural resistance, strengthening khoe.Cay just effective healing method, low cost, save time.
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