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Paralysis causes

The first was to detect (determine) the party lists. Close observation of patients face will see:
+ If the central list:
- Wrinkles eyes, nose, cheeks, lips clearly good side, very fuzzy on the disease.
- Mouth, good lateral deviation philtrum.
- When breathing, paralysis cheek throbbing rhythmic breathing, such as smokers.
- Signs Pierre Marie Poix: when pressed two fingers at the Corner function, please see the mouth, fresh cheek movement.
+ If paralysis Periphery.
- Erectile like wrinkles on the forehead, but the list also matte.
- More signs of Charles Bell: When you want to close, eyes closed, irises taken up. If told the patient:
- Ha and pursed mouth: when observed wrinkles in the forehead and eyes, saw the clearly fresh and many hiding wrinkles, fewer and fainter side paralysis.
Patients will be seen eating rice flow through closed party lists are not closed by 2 lip.
Tongue often not listed separately, but the tongue of the impression is skewed towards paralyzed tongue because of the healthy mouth distorted.
Listing 1 foot 1 hand.
- Observe long time will see one side of the arms, legs do not move patients. If stimulus spending side paralyzed, not reactive lenses.
- Muscle tone paralyzed arm and leg dropped.
- If lifting your hands above the bed and left side paralyzed falling'll fall immediately to the ground heavily 1 as powerless to counter. For
with legs too: front leg paralysis and falling heavily.
- Reduced tendon reflexes with the healing springs (sometimes lost) but 2-3 weeks later than normal start to rise.
- Reflection on the list lost scrotal skin.
- Signs Babinski often.
- Standing in the entire body on (party lists) are paralyzed and more severe lower limb - If a minor illness may see only the muscles in paralyzed terminal expenses
clearly, the forearm in the prone position, the paralyzed flexor extensor lighter.
- In the lower limbs, paralysis phenomena at the foot and thigh port heavier foot (so enough quite severe hemiplegia, patients can still move
(At Matt hip, knee may shrink somewhat, but rarely can stretch out, because the front thigh muscles paralyzed in the face heavier
later), the feet often stretched as horse legs. Paralyzed from the waist to the hard phase will appear the signs:
- Zhang increased muscle expression is doing passive movements paralyzed side will find it difficult because of the strong resistance breakdown, for often in private on
900 folding elbow joint position, prone forearm, hands clenched and the thumb was to fill the other four fingers. The muscles in the lower limb spasticity most, so b
alk leg outstretched leg type horse. By contrast in the neck and trunk muscles (abdominal wall), lumbar ... still soft or hard contraction negligible because it
is the role of the body posture.
- Increased tendon reflexes.
- If patients are going to be the special gait as a "Snip cloves". When going to lift the entire lower limb rigid, not folding knee, Desk
legs outstretched and then draw one arc characteristics down heavily, my legs felt fell back on the ground.
Expenses usually worse on lower limb so despite walk, paralyzed hand side do not use it, just hanging down.
- Signs contract work: appear when patients make the desired movements or reflexively.
- At the eastern whole: all the muscles cramp paralyzed when patients do strenuous movements 1.
- At the Council of symmetry: chi party lists tend to mimic the movements of the limb heal.
- At the coordination: 1 mass when desired, the other building blocks in detail also cramp.
May experience the following symptoms:
- Signs folding legs and body coordination: the patient lying on the bed while trying to sit up on the list will shrink back hip.
- Signs the close: The patient supine, the physician between the healthy and protected thighs get sick trying to close thighs, then will see the
closed party lists rather cramp up.
- Keep the patient's knee back, while the listing will foot up towards the leg back immediately.
- While lying on your back, if the patient heal lifting up the heel side will list very strong pressure on the bed.
- When the patient rush hour paralyzed hand side, the fingers from before remains back then stretch again.
Interior half paralyzed patients with nutritional disorders and vasomotor: mu hand edema may seriously soft, hands and feet can violet and
than the fresh air. Dry and peeling skin, brittle fingernails, deformation. Blood pressure in the paralyzed limbs may be lower, the healing.
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