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Neck shoulder pain syndrome

Neck shoulder pain syndrome
Expression of the nape shoulder pain syndrome is often dull or intense pain in the neck, spine, aching feeling uncomfortable, sometimes painful nhoi.Co many people after a night of sleep suddenly saw see aches alone, especially pain numb shoulder area, neck, sometimes radiate to the shoulder pain, fatigue numb the arm, forearm and fingers. This symptom can in many days or even months ... shoulder neck pain syndrome usually not dangerous, but can cause anxiety, irritability, fatigue for patients, diminishes labor and quality of life.
Why shoulder neck pain?
There are many causes that can lead to neck shoulder pain syndrome. The most common causes may include working as wrong sitting posture for long periods, sitting work constantly with computers, incorrect posture while driving, pillows, sleeping head on a chair, lying watching TV ...
Sitting in front of the fan, air conditioner (conditioner) long, long sunlight in the rain, do not wear hats outdoors, hats for sun shines straight into the back of the neck, night bathing, ... reduce the supply oxygen to the muscle cells, causing ischemia in the shoulder leads to neck pain syndrome.
In addition, the neck shoulder pain syndrome also may be due to pathological causes such as cervical spine degeneration, disc herniation in the cervical spine, congenital torticollis, malformation, arthritis, neck injuries. Sometimes there are cases of neck shoulder pain syndrome occurs spontaneously without any apparent cause.
Person or side, curled, when the body weakness, the operating speed of the circulatory system fell, the blood circulation and exchange of oxygen in the body reduces pain will enjoy waking up.
Typically, from middle age onwards, vascular system has reduced toughness, elasticity should or suffer neck pain, shoulder, neck most.
The patient discomfort, discomfort
The expression of the neck shoulder pain syndrome is the most frequent or intense ache in the neck, spine, feeling uncomfortable ache, sometimes throbbing pain like an electric shock. Pain may spread to the parotid, temporal or radiate to the shoulder, arm. But other than inflammation around the shoulder joint, shoulder neck pain patients is not restricted joint mobility. Some cases may be accompanied by muscle spasms, numbness in the arms, forearms, fingers or heavier table is weak paralysis, muscular atrophy.
There may be point tenderness and edge spikes after cervical spine movement restrictions associated cervical spine. Pain can occur spontaneously or after hard labor, fatigue, stress, cold. Pain may be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (insidious, prolonged). Pain often have mechanical properties: increased when standing, walking, sitting long, coughing, sneezing, cervical spine movement; with rest. Pain may also increase when the weather changes. To diagnose the cause, the patient should be examined clinically. The diagnostic support facilities include an X-ray cervical spine, electromechanical measurements and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spine neck.
Many cases of shoulder pain lasting nape always lead to patients feeling extremely tired, upset, unfocused, poorly thought ... a major influence on morale and employee efficiency.
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