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Transplant only method and treatment Obesity
Obese people often have psychological inferiority, guilt and appearance should always seek the solution to lose weight to get in shape. However, how to lose weight effectively, safely to good health is of no less disturbed when accidentally "fall" into the list with metrics "oversized" is.
The cause of weight gain
Obesity is caused by an imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. The factors causing this imbalance include: diet, daily physical activities related to career, personal habits (snacking, nocturnal, sedentary) and self control yourself. People who are overweight often vulnerable due to sedentary work, less physical activity, time watching TV, playing video games and read books, newspapers and more. Or there are those who have the habit of using the high-energy foods (like fried food, roast, fat, sweet, sticky, flour ...). Postpartum women, especially not to breastfeed or who are heavy labor, vigorous exercise but became sedentary and all people entering middle age are also prone to obesity.
The excess weight not only reduces the quality of life due to illness (risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer ...) but also causes psychological impact, especially for women, very guilty and inferiority in communication, difficulty integrating into the community, reducing the chances of success on the job ...
According to traditional medicine, which are categorized as obese obese people, torture people; The disease was raised earlier in the works Van - Info average real damage speech, Linh district - Nursing Program temperamental defense agree that obesity is mostly due to phlegm much, much lower and causing discharge; The cause is often related to natural disasters predictor, so eat plenty of delicacies, sweet fatty food, is much, much sitting, sedentary.
Also, patients are possessed by low psychics infiltrated base viscera and internal injuries caused by lost love affects the function of government organs: Spleen, Kidney, courage, daring. Especially the function of the spleen and bare Christmas radio promotion are affected, sound quality is not promoted, not bare matter should not be dealt out blood biochemistry perfectly ordinary crystals to distribute the sophistication supplements that support the entire body Low negotiations turned into muscles accumulate in dermal humiliation that cause obesity; Insufficient kidney gas, gasification can not Hengshui, spleen support advocacy event, informed that the internal waterways which bare the overflow low dermal cause obesity.
The treatments:
The surgical method
Using functional foods
Diet combined with exercise etc.
In addition to the existing methods we are pleased to offer a completely new method of slimming treatment that is
 Method of doctors implanted only Le Thuy Oanh.
This is an approach that has been widely accepted in Europe and the world in general and in the treatment slimming treatment in particular. With the advantages of low cost and high efficiency treatment particularly absolutely no side effects, we hope to give you an optimal choice for the treatment of weight loss.
Combining implants and diet only, exercise routine will give you great performance!
For further information please contact: Dr Oanh only Transplant Clinic and Partners. No. 19 Alley 24, Lane 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi.
Phone counseling: 0903231148 - 043 5380677
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