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infertility if within two years, the couple have sex with each other regularly, do not use any contraceptives without seeing pregnant or had been pregnant but miscarriage. Infertility has two cases:
Primary Infertility: Ever the couple never had children
Secondary Infertility: There were children from the previous few years, now want to have children but can not have children.
Infertility caused by both men and women.
There are three major groups of common cause leading to infertility in both men and women
Group 1: Cause of society
- Currently, women and men tend to marry later and have children at an older age. When married late, meant that women and men are no longer in the best reproductive age. This also affects the child.
Infertility cure
- Trends in early sexual relations, relations with multiple partners increases the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and also the cause of infertility, infertility causes are 40% are from the south gender, 40% of the women and 20% are due to both male and female
The cause of the women.
- Due to inflammation appendages, or by making optimistic endometrial or ovarian tubal blockages causing sperm and egg do not meet each other.
- Due to irregular menstruation, hormonal disorders that ovulation does not occur frequently, sometimes 1 year 1 to 2 times lead ovulation.
- No menstruation birth defects caused by genital tract (no uterus, no vagina), anovulation, premature ovarian failure in young women with primary or later. surgical treatment or chemotherapy of ovarian cancer radiotherapy.
- Uterine lining does not grow and excreted under normal rules.
- Shaped uterus fibroids usually cause can not nest egg or nest once and again failed to hold many times lead to miscarriage.
- In the cervical vaginal acidity unusual punishment hinders the sperm enters the egg infertility met.
- In a woman's vagina create antibodies destroy sperm rejection mechanism alien
- Another cause infertility in women is even born woman had no proof chamber (called turner syndrome).
Causes of male
- Poor sperm quality and sperm count or sperm less disfigurement as well as causes of infertility.
- Portability of sperm is not possible (due to use of some drugs related to the treatment of stomach, or blood pressure problems, or inflammation of the prostate).
- Road transport sperm from the testicles to the testicles bag clogged by inflammation of the vas deferens or contracted diseases related to sexually transmitted disease.
- Due to the urethra resulting deviation when the ejaculate sperm enters the cervical os.
- In some cases, men have no sperm or without obstructive sperm without knowing the cause.
Above are some of the causes of atopic each person, but also by a number of infertility other reasons such as:
- Poor diet, insufficient physical diet leads to depression, lack of sexual hormones blood volume decline may also cause infertility, infertility.
- Overweight or underweight due to obesity, diabetes.
- Due to the indiscriminate abortion, do endometrium vulnerability also leads to infertility.
- The use of oral contraceptives lasting affect reproductive hormones leads to infertility.
- Use of alcohol and stimulants.
- Psychology, spirit is not good, the pressure during the relationship also affects pregnancy.
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