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ALLERGY sinusitis
Allergic sinusitis is an expression in place of the nasal mucosa and sinuses in the context of systemic allergies, nasal mucosa when exposed to pathogens.
The disease occurs in all age groups but more than the remains of children and young people, diseases related to the following factors: weather, climate, environment, status, family history.
The cause disease
Allergic sinusitis manifested when allergens conflict with antibodies, allergic nature - immune. Common allergens
House dust, feathers, pollen, mold, insects, smoke, tobacco, chemicals, all kinds of cosmetics, paints, lime, ve ...
The treatment in medicine, anesthesia, anesthesia, antibiotics ...
The food in the digestive tract (shellfish, shrimp, crab, fish, jellyfish ...)
Climate factors: the change of weather, microclimate suddenly, when the seasons change, storms, northeast monsoon ...
Infection factors: toxins of bacteria, fungi due to chronic infection (sinusitis, tonsillitis, VA, teeth, gums mouth
These favorable factors: deformities of the nose, septum as: crooked, spikes, crests bulkhead ...
Sensitive atopic (atopic allergy) and family history
Parents that allergies are also allergic children according to 65%
Body with metabolic disorders, liver disorders, neurological disorders plant, endocrine disorders, psychological disorders, or mental ... also appeared allergies
Clinical signs
Allergic rhinitis usually starts suddenly, it is a sinus allergy attacks with typical symptoms:
Itchy nose: nose itch usually appear soon. sometimes itchy both nose, eyes, throat, or the skin of the neck, the outer ear canal skin.
Sneezing (typical symptoms of the disease): nature activity level, suddenly, sneezing more, including many times long torrent of sneezing once, sneezing constantly, coming out 5-7 times or more, lasted several minutes and often during allergy.
Runny nose: runny nose often accompanied by sneezing or after sneezing, runny nose is more often in the water, sometimes several drops of "Tong Tong" do drenched handkerchief. Later nasal mucus can flow in. few days later, where new infections runny mucus bumper cloudy.
Stuffy rule: by flowing water and the swelling of nasal mucosa makes stuffy nose on both sides, sometimes completely stuffy nose makes both parties who must breathe through the mouth twisting
Pain: besides feeling of fullness in the nose, stuffy nose hard, because of a lack of breath should the patient feeling tired headache, drowsiness reduces the manual labor and mind
Pain in the nose and sinus area enclosed surface disorders neuralgia of V2 (the nose and upper jaw) or pain in the nerve ganglion of V butterfly palate.
Exacerbation: systemic allergic reactions or side of the head, especially the eyes. nose more fluid, nasal mucosa edema - excess mucus covered pale, bloated nose or outline book Convergence
Chronic Phase: nasal mucosa may be normal or pale color, or appearance mucosa degeneration or polyps in the slot between the slot between the beams as "bubble fish"
Treatment principles
Avoid exposure to allergens when detect specific allergens
Need to take precautions and early treatment of acute attacks of allergies to avoid complications.
Keep clean nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal area. Be wary of favorable factors for allergic attacks occur when the weather changes.
Specific Treatment
Western medicine:
Inhalation, aerosol anti-inflammatory drugs
Adjust the metabolic disorders
These antihistamines, corticosteroids
Implantation only: enhance the body's immunity. Depending on pathogens and symptoms that acupuncture protocols effects: anti-inflammatory swelling, blood onion onions gas, detoxification facilities ...
This method is no drug treatment has been studied clinically and treatment showed superior performance compared with drug method. Treatment time can be longer (3-5 passages just 4 months) completed no ill side effects and stable after treatment.
Orthopedic surgery septum malformation
surgery to remove polyps, remove the drive inflammation (tonsillitis, VA ...)
Progression and complications
When allergies sinusitis lasts, usually bacterial superinfection allergic illness makes coordination with purulent sinusitis or chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis.
Wear a mask when in contact with air, dust, toxic chemicals ...
Good treatment of inflammation in the nose and throat drive, oral, respiratory diseases
Improve health, strengthen its shield of sinus mucosa
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