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The cause arthritis
Arthritis is the common name of joint disease for many reasons that can vary in one or more joints become inflamed. Arthritis have varying degrees from mild to severe, painful joints may be moderate to severe pain and the joints may be deformed.
The causes of arthritis:
1. degenerative arthritis: common in middle age and is the most common cause. The disease causes degeneration of joint lining cartilage or bone grows thorns causing the joint pain, stiffness, sometimes causing joint function. The joints are usually inflamed hip, knee, spine.
Common symptoms are pain, swelling, and stiffness of one or more joints that limit movement as walking, housework. Long days were enlarged joints, muscle atrophy due to inactivity due to joint pain.
2. Rheumatoid arthritis: an autoimmune disease (a disease where the body's immune system against the body's own tissues alone - here are the joints and surrounding tissues of the joints). The joints are usually inflamed knuckles, wrist, toe, knee, other joints ...
The disease is common in young people and more women than men.
Common symptoms include a mild fever, body aches, swollen joints, heat, redness, pain, can appear subcutaneous nodules, blood tests detect antibodies specific.
3. Goute disease: rheumatoid arthritis is the buildup of uric acid in the joints.
4. Arthritis infection: bacterial from wounds near joints or sepsis infiltrate joints. Purulent inflammation of the joints, swelling, warmth, redness pain.
5. Also arthritis was caused by germs called joint work.
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