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Gastritis is an inflammation occurs in the lining of the stomach. Common symptoms of gastroenteritis is related colic with unrest. Other symptoms may be related, such as indigestion, nausea, vomiting, bloating sensation. Also vomiting blood as a marker of severity and it's manifestation of gastrointestinal bleeding.
There are many different causes that causes gastritis. Here are some main causes of gastritis:
The reason is lifestyle:
 Drink more beer ruou.-
 Smoking cigarettes, drinking a lot of coffee and beverages high axit- properties.
 Constantly hungry, or eat too full, eat solid food too ... -
Caused by bacteria infection, fungal
 Years- infection
 Parasitic infections (usually the kind Anisakis) -
 Gastroenteritis caused by bacteria (Helicobacter pylori usually) .-
Other causes
 Due to long antibiotic treatment dai.-
 Do have undergone radiotherapy or radiotherapy accidental nhien.-
 Pernicious anemia is one of the causes of- gastritis.
 Due to the injury in the stomach or gastroesophageal surgery in day.-
 Increased gastric acid secretion often occurs when distended straight-
 Bile reflux.
Disease manifestations
+) The epigastric pain:
- Extending from 15 minutes - 1 hour, maybe localized in left if the right gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer if that. The pain may radiate to the right upper side, or may glare behind (if the after stomach ulcers).
- Cyclical pain and persistent pain become continuous if the ulcer or ulcer fiber bottle long day.
- Pain often appear fasting, night and fell soon after drinking milk or antacid solution if duodenal ulcers, as often occurs after eating or less relieved with antacids if stomach ulcers. Nature cramps pain or burning or smoldering heavy. In pain, examination can detect resistance when epigastric palpation.
+) The digestive disorders:
- Constipation is common.
- Vomiting, nausea occurs in the case of celiac, but vomiting is less common in duodenal ulcer without complications. Patients their appetite but feel dyspepsia, often heavy, bloating or belching, heartburn after meals.
 So far, the implementation of the diet consists of soft food, no spices, many fruits are not helpful for healing ulcers, as well as milk and ice cream diet did not make the situation bad ulcer more. Best Therefore patients should avoid foods that cause more pain or cause gastrointestinal problems worse, and the patient must abstain from coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.
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