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  Autism is a developmental disorder in many ways but mainly disorders of social skills, verbal communication, and behavioral abnormalities.
For every 1,000 children, the children with autism 6-7
Percentage autism more common in men and women, with the proportion of male / female = 4/1
Classify autism
By the time autism
Typical autism - autism or congenital: autism symptoms appear gradually during the first 3 years.
Atypical autism - or autism suffer: children develop language and communication normally in 3 years, then autistic symptoms may appear gradually and regresses in language, communication.
According IQ
Autism has a high IQ and say: children no negative behavior but very passive, with abnormal behavior in social contexts. Children can learn to read early (2- 3 years), skills look good (peered certain animals). Tend obsessed, better cognitive behavior in adulthood.
Autistic children have higher IQs and do not speak: the child the difference between speaking and motor skills, movement, performing. Children can be very sensitive to auditory stimuli, abnormal behavior may mild.
Skills look good (peering). Can she keep quiet or manually fill easily, can be stubborn
Children with autism have low IQs and say: Worst child acts in all forms of autism (often screaming loudly, can become aggressive when older). There stimulating autistic behavior, poor memory, said repeat (word no means complete). Poor ability to concentrate.
Children with autism have low IQs and do not speak: children often silent, know little use some words or gestures. Special attention to machines, sensitive to sounds / noises. Social skills are not appropriate, do not have a relationship with other people.
By levels
Mild Autism: Babies can communicate with relatively normal eye, to communicate with people outside the somewhat restrictive, learn simple activities, play and speak carefully antenna relatively normal.
Moderate Autism: Babies can communicate with relatively normal eye, to communicate with people outside the limit, but limited speak.
Autism severity: Babies do not make eye contact, do not communicate with the outside and do not speak
Causes and prevention
Brain damage or brain underdevelopment reasons:
Month below 37 weeks premature
Low birth weight less than 2500 g
Asphyxia or hypoxic brain at birth
Traumatic brain injury caused by obstetric intervention
Neonatal brain kernicterus
Bleeding in the brain - neonatal meningitis
Neurological infections: encephalitis, meningitis
Lack of oxygen due to severe respiratory distress
Traumatic brain injury
Mother with typhus, measles or metabolic diseases: diabetes, toxemia untreated
Mother of antiepileptic drugs during pregnancy
Mercury poisoning, radiation exposure
Abnormalities in chromosome number 2, 7, 16 and 19
Genetic disease gene or genes under syndrome X chromosome fracture
Environmental factors
Habitat has little to stimulate children's development engineers in the first 24 months, primarily for children watching television, advertising, music ... instead of interest, taught by parents and family.
Some chemicals heavy metals can cause brain damage
Prevention of autism in children
Routine antenatal care can detect early pathology of maternal and fetal abnormality condition hurting the child's brain
Improving the quality of neonatal emergency medical facility at the commune, district and province is the most positive measures to reduce the proportion of children brain damage.
Well child exam, especially those with high risk factors often provided quarterly for 24 months of life for the early detection of developmental disorders, including autism.
Regular closeness, concern, care, teach children in the first 24 months to avoid the risk factors affecting the development of children.
The early symptoms and diagnosis
Five suspected vital signs autism:
No babbling by 12 months.
Do not know the effect (pointing, waving, shaking hands ...) at 12 months of age
Do not say single words when 16 months old
No self-say two since 24 months (not counting the children repeat words)
Loss of language skills or social skills at any age group
Defects in quality social relationships
Significant defects using nonverbal behaviors such as eye, facial expressions, body postures and gestures to run social relations
Underdeveloped relationship corresponds friends developmental level
Lack seek to share the joy, the concern, the achievements with others (unknown breeze, bring others to see things you like)
Lack of social or emotional.
Quality defects in communication
slow or lost completely developed speaking skills.
those who can speak the obvious defects in the ability to initiate and maintain conversations with other people.
Use language and stereotyping duplicate or eccentric language
Lack diverse games or play pretend or imitate social development consistent with the level.
These behaviors, interests and activities overlap restraints shaping
Preoccupied covered with 1 or more types enjoy extraordinary formative both in intensity and concentration: like toys, like the taste, like touching the surface ...
Seduced clear, uncompromising with those activities or special rituals: attractive toy, enraptured manipulation of toiletries, drunk with cakes oto / bike / objects
Gestures, movements, nature repeated or stereotyped as hand page or twisting or complex movements of the body ...
Persistent bother with the details of the object
Developmental delays or abnormal functioning in at least 1 of the following fields:
Social organization
Using the language of communication
Symbolic or imaginary play
For example, children have difficulty in daily activities, dependence on others, difficulties in walking and using public transport.
Developing the ability to play not only concentrate with a certain game
Difficulty in reading and learning, said many ambiguous question
Poor or no attention, lack of concentration, called but no response
Poor memory, poor imagination
Lack of management skills issues, not know to express their thoughts
Self agitation: head-banging, land ... fall down.
Self aphrodisiac: touching genitals, masturbation
Unknown nodded as agreed, shaking his head as dislike, k said held out his hand asks, waving to greet ...
No other children playing at half mast, not proactively invite friends to play, not to play with a group and did not follow the rules
No drivers are introspective and uncontrolled actions of their
The clinical testing required weight: EEG, audiometry, Denver test, chromosome, cranial CT
Treatment principles
Early intervention for children with autism shortly after the discovery.
Intervention must persevere and regular batch in combination with house training.
Coordinating multiple methods, treatment, rehabilitation, teaching, behavior intervention, psychological support ...
Implantation only: Based on the meridians theory, by stimulating acupuncture points or acupuncture group characterized implants only help stimulate creativity, impact on the language to help children speak clearly and round means more hours. Several other groups have grave impact on stimulating the secretion of endogenous hormones cause them to towns seizures, sedation, decreased excitability (decrease hyperactivity) focuses attention ... but did not leave the side effect want.
 Based on clinical treatment at the Institute implanted only in Budapest in Hungary Vietnam and base 2: Clinic Dr. Oanh et lane 3 at 19 rigid 24 Thai Ha - Da - Hanoi showed that autistic children after being treated with this method were significantly improved: less disruptive, more obedient, focused over and said establishing relationships with friends ^^
Unlike the neural inhibitors, implant only helps children reduce hyperactivity without causing fatigue and one accompanying side effects after the treatment process stability and gradual children develop as normal children.
Training of early communication skills and language: skill attention, imitate, understand and express language, pre-school skills, self-care skills ...
Drug therapy: have some medication to relieve the symptoms aggression, convulsions, hyperactivity, poor concentration
Things parents of autistic children need to know
Can my child go to school normally?
Maybe, if children with autism, mild, moderate and early intervention and preschool
Autism has not transmitted?
Noncommunicable diseases
Autistic people can raise a family and have children are not?
Maybe, if the development of early intervention for language, communicate well and go to school. should consult a psychiatrist, genetics and obstetrics in this regard.
Autism can be cured completely not?
Maybe, if the disease in mild or moderate and early intervention, positive. child can fully recover and grow as normal children.
Why autism increasing?
Due to medical conditions growing up the development of children with autism become more convenient, as well as prevention and treatment. Besides not eliminate the causes of economic busy parents worry less interested children, so children develop deviant.
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