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The manifestation of depression is feeling hesitant, uncertain, and requires high standards, demanding with others and with ourselves, vulnerable, hard to change old habits, though no longer consistent, always in distress, feeling bad and stressful, very angry and mad, is not interested do anything. Always have negative thoughts about yourself, and others, a sense of hopelessness no way out, no belief in themselves and the future.
There are also other bodily symptoms like loss of appetite accompanied by loss of appetite, sleeplessness, abnormally increased or decreased letters, often feel pain in body parts, typically the immediate feeling chest.
Causes of depression:
+ Endogenous depression (also called depression of unknown cause): There are many theories to be genetic, immunological, environmental and social factors ... but there is no conclusive hypotheses s.
+ Depression due to stress: for example the loss of jobs, the contradictions in the office or home, children damaged, failed marriages, failed on the job, confidence collapsed or had relatives Sudden death ...
+ Depression losses due to diseases carried: after traumatic brain injury after stroke or cerebral atherosclerosis, chronic diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy ...
Signs of depression:
1 - Insomnia: difficult to sleep, or waking up at night unable to sleep again, or wake up from 2-3 am accompanied by restless discomfort (sometimes excessive sleep).
2 - Anorexia: eating less, appetite, do not eat, afraid to eat (with excessive eating), do not eat, weight loss.
3 - Bumper communicate with others, become unusually quiet, inactive.
4 - Feeling restless anxiety, restlessness, headache, generalized pain, chest pain, constipation, cold fear.
5 - Feeling tired, sluggish thinking, sadness, loss of interest in work, lost interest in the daily entertainment (sports, watching TV, books, movies ...). Feeling around sadly bleak, time dragged.
6 - Pessimistic worried about the future for themselves and their families, fear of something bad happening to themselves and their families.
7 - Thinking that he is not worthy of ourselves and surroundings. Given that he committed many weaknesses, sins, do not want contact with anyone.
8 - Thinking that he does not deserve to eat, do not deserve to live, for that he was a burden to everyone.
9 - There are thoughts of death, suicidal using sleeping pills, hanging, jumping, crashing into cars ... or suicide once.
10 - Reduced ability to concentrate, decreased or very hesitant and sexual desire.
To cure depression, you need to perform the following:
- You avoid feeling despondent, you should try not to let yourself too spare; should create opportunities for themselves busy by cooking, adding that at work or school ... Also highly recommended more entertainment with their art forms but not bored. Do not miss the opportunity, and above all should try to arrange participation in the activity of collective bodies in contact with colleagues, create new joy ... In community activities, you will feel useful for other people, other people liked.
1, you take a blank sheet of paper, draw a vertical line dividing. Left Please write all the things you worry the items one by one. On the right is the cause of this feeling. Such restless sleep. Cause: I still think about ... Let's argument stating why the evidence shows this is not true and write them out.
2, To change the priority of work, think of a new goal, interesting, but can be done. Such days off to visit a girlfriend in another city or buy a sports outfit. Please describe in detail each step done.
3, the Depression at changing seasons, is the time you need to start everything from scratch. Please change the sequence of work: start to the pool, add paragraph walk at night despite rain or shine ...
4, each day please give yourself and family a little fun: buy a ticket to see a movie, donate a new book, make a new beginning, a new dish ...
5, please leave a little extra sleep, bathe in water chives, go to work early ...
6, Let's change something in the apartment: Statistics curtains to replace furniture, carpet, flower pots reset ...
7, from the previous evening prepare detailed plans for the next day, try to have some free time.
8 Invite buddies cafe or go home, take off those confided his feeling, even let us cry until laughed.
9, Please remember that when you take some medications can also cause erratic moods, such as birth control pills. May be replaced by other drugs. If these measures do not work, then go to their doctor psychological therapy.
10, On Nutrition at the Season, take vitamin supplements to avoid poor dietary calories, greasy food, sweets, do not drink tea and coffee specialties ...
Effective treatment methods only implants:
With the most important principle is to put the body in equilibrium, enhancing the body's resistance the.Cay only help depressed patients phasing emotions are harmful to the body, slowly building trust for disease and life itself.
Combined with some other methods such as acupressure, massage (may take additional medication if necessary), we will help people eliminate harmful symptoms like chronic insomnia, headaches, depression. ..
Additionally the patient should be combined with diet to provide adequate nutrition for muscle the.Den us you will be supported for a perspective of life more beautiful, more stable health.
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