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Degenerative diseases

* The clinical presentation of patients with sciatica, degenerative vertebrae, herniated disk neck and back:
Sciatica: Patients often express pain spreading from the waist pull down the buttocks, down the leg numbness, pain abdomen backside weak legs numb legs, have been longtime patients can cause leg atrophy if not treated promptly.
Patients with degenerative spine disease, herniated disc in the neck can often manifest in the nape pain radiate to the shoulder, arm. Patients with cervical spine degeneration, disc herniation longtime neck pain also expressed knuckles, pull up the top tingles, migraines, dizziness, nausea, insomnia even insert Injection system ie orbital nerve. Where patients for long can cause muscle atrophy hands ...
Patients with degenerative vertebra, lumbar disc herniation symptoms of low back pain, acute pain spread down the buttocks and leg drag down spending, a headache especially at night and the expression like patients with sciatica ...
* Learn the cause sciatica, degenerative vertebrae, herniated disc, cervical spine and dorsal spines:
Spinal System is a system axle lift function body, which the body can perform moves such as bending, back, twisting her, systems must bow curved spine is formed so that it is the vertebrae stacked, separating the vertebrae are intervertebral discs. The disc-shaped plate, which is the fibrous outer thick and firm, comfortable in the mucus of the disc looks almost like egg whites called human mucus. Due to age or due to lack of nutrients dining, activism regime irrational will cause degenerative spine condition. Degeneration affects every location on the spine, when degeneration affects how fibrous disc makes the disc becomes more brittle and no longer tough, sure as before. Under gravity to compress the body of fibers makes the bag tear, paving the way for human mucus inside out causing disc herniation condition. Degenerative disc affecting the neck area cause a herniated disk in the neck also affect the degenerative lumbar disc disease is caused lumbar disc herniation. When the mucous workers were released into the system pinched nerve roots causes back pain or neck pain ... depending on the position being pinched. When the hernia bulge protruding blocks, long days would entail the periosteal edge it grows out in form of coronary bone on X-ray film that we see looks like the tip of the so-called prickly thorn spine.
Degenerative spine - diseases common in office People
Sitting at the computer to work longer, bend much, just look one direction for a long time, sleeping in a chair or lie on the table ... the bad habits make you more prone to degenerative cervical spine.
Do office work, the work of spring (27, Hanoi) often have to sit at a computer, every day 8-10 hours / day. Many times when she did not have a break and mobilization. Consequently, after a time she used to get tired neck, shoulder and arm. At such times to reduce discomfort, her neck twisted, twisted hard, creaked.
By now intolerable pain, she examination. Results imaging examination showed she suffered cervical spine degeneration. "Frankly, I think that people think discomfort is caused by overwork alone, but one thought is degenerating spine. It is a disease in the elderly, when osteoarthritis has started aging, unbelievably age range I was suffering from "
Common cause leading to disease is routine work sitting posture for long periods. Hand placement on the desk too high or too low. The nape of the neck and not to move frequently or just keep a posture. Also, it may be due to inappropriate pillow, many people can not switch their habits while sleeping, just lying posture 1-2 ...
Patients often express discomfort in the neck, then spread to the shoulder, arm. Initially can only pins and needles numbness, severe illness may sting sharp bouts. Severe cases may have other complications such as dysphagia, seen entangled in the neck, torticollis, often stunned ... If degeneration in paragraph C4 will involve the movement of the diaphragm so the patient expression hiccups, yawning, dizziness.
Recommended, people with degenerative cervical spine fractures are at risk, slip joints causing quadriplegia dental tip, even death. Therefore, you should absolutely not wring the neck, neck pressed strongly. The disease can not go away completely but can only treat symptoms only by means of implants, anti-inflammatory medication, pain or more serious surgery.
To prevent disease, you need to sit right posture: sit to feel comfortable, not skewed left or right. Seats have been reclining backrest but not too, ... Height 65-75cm desk should, computers about 50cm from your eyes, not to reach the screen too high or too low than sight.
For those who often sedentary, working with computers should have time 5-10 minute break after 45 minutes of work. Maybe gently massaging your neck, shoulder, practicing the simple movements stretching exercise or relax by talking with colleagues, do not look at the computer.
When young, good stamina is okay but when you get older, the bearing capacity of poor bone, increased bone resorption process so the pain will be more severe manifestations than. Therefore, if pain is not relieved sore neck, you should go to the hospital for tests.
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