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Vestibular disorders

Vestibular disorders Causes
- Habitat, and weather changes constantly, whose frail body are susceptible vestibular disorders.
- Age: as one of the causes of vestibular disorders. Elderly by some agencies should normally have been reduced risk of vestibular disorders was higher in young people.
- Weight factor is also one of the causes of vestibular disorders. Obese people often physically attached to low sputum, thin people often can of yin, both of these can be caused vestibular disorders.
- Anemia also causes vestibular dysfunction. Anemia can be caused by women after childbirth, while for men may be due to multiple injuries caused blood loss. Or perhaps by developing a certain disease and cause vomiting blood, or bloody diarrhea excessive blood loss.
- The man who sexually intemperate, too much sex as well as kidney failure, no gas load, making running up on gas, is also a cause of calculation illusory vocabulary.
- Constantly in a state of stress also causes the nervous system is inhibited, causing vestibular disorders.
- People often make the job stressful, long sitting in front of computers and high-risk districts suffer.
- Low blood pressure causes insufficient blood flow to the brain is also a cause of vestibular disorders.
- Drinking too much alcohol is also an illusory causes of vocabulary.
- The body of chemical contamination, poisoning or drug use is also one of the causes of vestibular disorders.
Above are some specific causes pathogenic illusory vocabulary (vestibular dysfunction). However whether it also causes one of three pathogenic mechanism is: by discharge, blood and blood damage or failure, the second is due to interference and kidney problems, the third is due to fire damage humidity rises and cause disease negotiations.
Symptoms of vestibular disorders
Initially rarely appear the symptoms, if any, it may be fatigue, insomnia at night and early morning, to look at things with unusual feeling, reel her back, sat up difficult . If the illness is mild, patients can stand up but feeling off balance, unsteadiness. If the disease is severe, the patient may not sit well, nausea or vomiting violently that makes the body lose water and electrolytes, everything was spinning upside down. The patient remains awake, no headache but to feel heavy as compressed, compressed. Besides patients with vestibular disorders are photophobia, fear of noises want quiet, often rapid pulse, low blood pressure, people exhausted
people with vestibular disorders often have changes in a few days and gradually recovered but may also prolong and sequelae are hardships, loss of balance, blurred vision trembling limbs weakened body numbness.
the causes of vestibular disorders: poor circulation, neurological, psychological, hematopoietic, weather, poisoning ...
must promptly controlled dizzy spells "terrible" by letting the patient lies quiet place and where high light. For patients lie on the left, right or supine. Where patients have nausea, the vomiting of all, when vomiting patients will lose water and electrolytes should drink rehydration and electrolyte drink more milk as orezol and sugary. involuntary medication without the instructions of your doctor
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