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Facility 1: Budapest-Hungary. Dr. Le Thuy Oanh operator.

Address: Hungary, 1161 Budapest, Csomori utca 73
Tel, fax: 003614057915
Hotline: 0036302419119
Email: Info@catgut-embedding.net
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Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

Address: 19 Alley 24 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Phone: 0243.5380.677 0903.231.148 - 0983.977.580
Email: vananh_ac01@yahoo.com
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a- Triage:
- Type of grave damage caused by heart: The night could not sleep or dream or just dozed or fearful dream, woke up not sleeping any more, Isaac circuit accordingly.
- Type any delivery due care center: The sadness, anxiety, dizziness, headache, fine ass mi, Isaac international circuit.
- Type of government by discord location: chest, abdomen full of news, cough expectorant. sometimes nausea, irregular representatives, active circuit.
- Type-being by can flourish: Hay irritability, anger, headaches, sore ribs, bitter mouth, legendary circuit Isaac (Realization)
Think silly, sleepless suspense, legendary circuit, halted Resources (damage control)
b- France: Treatment of insomnia due to heart failure: tonic and sedative.
- Treatment of insomnia due to your discord Government: Air're covered.
- Treatment of insomnia due to renal Real communication center: Private hydro fire bar, triangle traffic through the kidneys.
- Treatment of insomnia due kingdom can flourish: Binh courage daring bar (authentication), Additional insulation can melt
 Signs to know what your body is sleep deprived?
 According to sleep experts, the signs are often seen as lack of sleep, you feel ecstatic, sleepiness during the day; dozed off during the day; bedtime, new chips on his back three minutes that was snoring like thunder. You lose sleep when lying in bed for more than 2 hours late but still can not sleep; the mind is thinking free man from the other to the other, many times you've tried to shut his eyes, trying to chase those thoughts out of your head and want to sleep ... but the thought is still reeling, you could not coax her to sleep was, tired and restless sleep or in a state of flutter ... To determine how little sleep, insomnia or sleeping for hours is enough, you can rely on the experience and physical activity, have a good sleep, deep sleep, waking at night and less daytime sleepiness, labor outcomes, learning of good quality day and you feel healthy and comfortable.
What to do to prevent lack of sleep?
 Many studies have found the cause of insomnia and the scientific method, more natural, to help those who lose sleep to find a good night's sleep. Here is the method easy to implement and efficient:
You should develop the habit to go to bed and wake up at a certain hour. Over time, this habit helps biological clocks and circadian rhythms in your body are not disturbed. If there du di bedtime, you remember is not to late past midnight. You also should not sleep as this weekend barbecue, circadian rhythm back to adjust the hours per week. Want to sleep enough hours, please arrange work to bed on time to be able to sleep enough hours. You should also get into the habit while lying on the bed was asleep and when they wake up from bed. The habit that helps you avoid sleepless nights sleepless.
Exercise, sport gentle before bed will help them sleep better, they can be light for 3 hours before bedtime. You can walk or bike the distance. Status of pleasure and fatigue after sex also enjoy putting you to sleep soundly. Conversely, you should not overtraining before bedtime as mental irritation and difficulty falling asleep.
Snacks will fall asleep. You can snack with a few saltine crackers, fruit, or drink a glass of warm milk before bed about 2 hours will help you fall asleep. But for the weak or elderly care should not drink plenty of water before going to sleep for waking to urinate. You should also avoid large meals before bedtime because severe abdominal discomfort, dyspepsia, the food can not be asleep.
Do not drink coffee, water, tea during the day and especially before bed, because the caffeine in these drinks can make you awake all night and could not sleep walk. Wine, beer to drink before bedtime may make it easier to sleep, but it makes me to urinate, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, create nightmares and insomnia.
 You do not bring worry and sadness in the bedroom. If you have things to think, calculate it off the desk, sat down to write all those things out, set priorities for the next day resolved before bedtime. You should think about this simple settlement and just think only to do tomorrow, do not ramble into the distance of the day too, to do the day after tomorrow they will come to think tomorrow night. You also do not let the mind adventure, fantasies far removed from reality. You do not bring books and documents on research on the bed; not watching TV, talking, or arguing with your wife or husband on the bed, the bed only for sleeping.
Hot bath will help with sleep, like a natural reaction, you will feel sleepy when body temperature starts to descend. Take a hot bath before bed for a few hours to a higher temperature, which then will land more and create sleepiness.
Listen to soothing music, listen to mellow music, not create a multilingual stimulate steady splash of music. Or you buy the tape of the surf, waterfall language, English pine ... to lull you to sleep.
Bedrooms need quiet, breathable, temperature just right, not too hard or soft mattress too
Sex helps you sleep. Many studies showed that after sex, the body in a state of pleasure, satisfaction, fatigue and secrete some hormone that makes you sleep better.
(According suckhoedoisong)
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