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Epilepsy is a common neurological diseases and intractable. Clinical signs of the disease are varied, intermittent manifestations of disorders of consciousness, movement, sensation, language ... recurrent, there are normally depending on the characteristics of pathological lesions brain. The proportion of the disease according to the European and American countries is 2-7%, China 4.7%, our country is 2% (report of Neurology Department, University Medical City. Ho Chi Ming 1992). By gender, the men more than women, the ratio of 1.7 / 1. The proportion of the disease in people with a family history of epilepsy is higher than in other families is 4 to 7.2 times. At least 40% of patients with no known cause. Most patients with the first bout under 19 (60.6%). Epilepsy adversely affect the development of young people and are very difficult to treat disease, so patients need to be a concern of our medical community.
 With these symptoms are primarily clinical seizures, bouts of confusion and spiritual consciousness, recurrent disease categories of documents "simple" proof "crazy" in Oriental medicine.
 Symptoms of epilepsy is complex. Modern medicine now classified into 5 categories, summarized as follows:
1. Gusts big (grand mal): There are key features full body convulsions and loss of consciousness. Stroke, irregular attack, unconscious, his teeth clenched, eyes rolled up, pale or purple color darkening of the face, nose, mouth pronunciation anomalies, foaming at the mouth, twitching limbs, incontinence Home, a moment later as the normal awake, unable to remember what had happened.
2. Gusts small (petit mal): Loss of consciousness temporarily and provinces, not twitching limbs.
3. Local Gusts: Yes symptoms like seizures partial local agencies or paraesthesia.
4. psychomotor Gusts: Suddenly there's mental state attack or abnormal movement.
5. continuous Gusts: Gusts continuous large in a short time, easily endanger lives.
III- Treatment with Implant just under 2 periods:
a / When a seizure:
- Authorization of Directors: Unless negotiations, declare complaints, commentary, news style can jar.
- Choose the grave: Bach Assembly, rich, University mace, Hau complicated and Yeu period.
- Coordination Dialectical vented: Coma's central part, Cross said, the right line; Lower household clenched teeth concerned, Giap far; Date Screening customs bout night, daytime processing circuit body, small gust subjects coordinate Spirit, Inner view, Shen family; Hurricane Local Co-coordinating mugs, Thai pulses, with Cancer.
- Explain the effect of acupuncture:
* Bach was the grave economic opportunity of the sea, where the bar should have positive effects converge province declared brain complaints.
* Abundance of Directors effective circuit style news commentators.
* University mace is vented positive conjunction of 6 business with Doc Circuit limbs, inflict more effective against the bar.
* Late complicated as acupuncture experience epileptic therapy.
* Love is vented outside economic period, placement in specialized treatment circuit epileptic Doc.
* Daytime attack in Ocean disease should take vented Body type circuit, Yin style night in the grave illness Customs Screening. Shen small Gusts subject combination, the Cabinet office, home to sedation Shen brain province; Hurricane Local Co-coordinating mugs, Thai impulse to declare quartet conditioned offices Ocean corridor blood more weight to the letter, Tam negative air delivery of 3 of negative things. Gusts psychomotor Feng dragon used to inform negotiations inflicted chest, Simplified use to spirit.
b / At stable disease: It is necessary to distinguish real damage. For realization weathered cast away the talks are, to damage proof he took care center master Pi conditions
- Choose the grave:
* Stock nowhere: Shen keeper, Cabinet agency, Additional psychological prism pure sound, audio communication Tam, Thai complicated, Middle Management, with Cancer.
* Realization: rich, University mace, the Nine-Tails, Feng Long, Thai pulses.
- Depending proof vented coordination: After a seizure, people tired: Gas at sea; mental decline, mental confusion: Family travel Kidney, The Natural (save). Every time you choose to 4-5 vented. Vỹ Aries, Cancer Accessible: Transplanting just shallow, light stimulation.
- Effects of acupuncture:
* Spirit is the grave subject of Mind, nourishing the heart tranquilizer.
* Your opinion: Vented of economic optimism Music Center with the only cellular communication circuit, high consumption of gas.
* Additional triangle of economic justice is the Area grave, grave muscular body, with additional secondary effects, robust, low-profit goods talks.
* Sound corridor: economic vented Pi, where users communicate with Tam sound effects Pi conditions of negotiations, through things carefully.
* Thai complicated: the original grave of Nephrology Kidney tonic effect brain conditions.
* Central management of the Area's grave, you definitely talk peace.
* Cancer with: grave of mind, nourishing the heart tranquilizer.
* Nine-Tails belongs Nhâm circuit, the busy gas is vented dealt primarily for epilepsy.
* Feng Long, Thai impulse: cultural talks, can comment.
1. In the diet attention frugal, fasting spicy substances like pepper, chilli, fat fat, do not eat much meat, fresh vegetables regime attention fruit, moderate amounts, not to no hunger Furniture Generally, these diet drinks have stimulants like alcohol, coffee, strong tea, soft drinks ...
2. Soybeans 30g, cooked with earthworms, leaving the worms eat beans, day 1 times.
3. Goat Fetuses 1 suite, cooked dried powdered, each taking 10 g, 2 times.
4. Walnuts 1 suite, cooked food 2, 3 1st time, used (3 items this drug according to the book of Medicinal Food Tuyen Diep Quat, anniversary Jiangsu Science Publishing House, 1980).
VI Treatment of epilepsy should be noted:
 Seizures can be caused by physical injury in the brain (epileptic symptoms) or no brain damage (idiopathic epilepsy, primary), the majority of patients are difficult to treat prolonged. Western medicine has several drugs effectively treat the symptoms but also treat the drug, long used are toxic to the body. Oriental medicine for epilepsy drug cases dropped or off (on many domestic and foreign reports) but not sure and duration of treatment usually lasts, so to combine Western medicine Oriental medicine is still allowed good governance more.
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