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Headache, causes and symptoms
According to the medical dictionary of MediLexicon, Headache means "pain in different parts of the head, not limited in distribution of certain nerves." Headaches can have many different causes, can cause benign but also causes headaches are due to suffer a serious illness such as meningitis.
Headaches have many causes, and in 2007, the International Headache Society was divided into 3 main types of headaches are: primary headaches, secondary headaches, cranial neuralgias pain in the face and all kinds of headaches khac.Dau main head is what? Headache was the kind of headaches that are not related to factors other than the head, including migraine, tension, cluster headache (headache each string), as well as a variety of other less common types of headache. The division into three categories are based on the causes of headache.
Tension headache is also called muscle contraction headaches or headaches psychological, very common in life, men and women with more, mainly in middle age, is rare in children and adolescents, is The most common type of primary headache. Pain onset slowly, often on both sides, start from below the occipital region or at the temples and then spread to the whole head. Pain frequently in nature, do not beat in the circuit, it feels like being tight head back along the sides of the neck or occipital region duonghoac. Pain may last for days, weeks, even months or years. Patients are often depressed or anxious person. When treatment often combined with antidepressants. Up to 90% of adults have had or will encounter tension headaches. Women suffer more stress headaches compared to men.
Migraine (also known as headache Migraina) is a headache caused by vascular causes, the intermittent appearance and cause still unknown ro..Dau first half is divided into two categories:
Migraine without warning symptoms: Often appear in the morning when waking up, sometimes at night, rarely occur in the daytime. The pain usually begins slowly and reached a peak after a few hours. At first, patients only in one side of the head pain (usually in the temporal - frontal) and then gradually spread to the whole head; mainly in the cranial pain, rarely seen in the face of pain. Pain under heavy pulse of the circuit and on the operation, the patient usually prefer quiet in the darkroom. Symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, slow pulse, blood pressure and sensitivity to odors. The pain generally lasts from a few hours to a few days and leave feeling soreness in the beginning then.
Migraine with warning symptoms: Often starts with focal neurological symptoms or lobe cortical brain development then gradually in 5-20 minutes, lasting less than 60 minutes. Followed by headaches, nausea and photophobia; Can vision disorders and pain inside, it feels like is burning, tingling, weakness, half-human, speech or aphasia. The symptoms lasted less than 60 minutes and patients will recover completely; Here are the biggest differences to distinguish from other headaches.
is the second most common type of primary headache. Migraine headaches affect children as well as adults. During puberty both boys and girls were equally migraine, however, when in adulthood, men with migraines less than women.
The symptoms of migraine include sensitivity to light and noise, nausea, vomiting and intense throbbing pain usually on one side but the beginning. A kinhserotonin serotonin, thought to be involved in migraine, because many drugs used to treat migraines alter the binding of serotonin at various receptors.
Cluster headache (headache each string) are also major headache but are less common than tension headaches are two types and migraine. Headache each string is also a headache causes blood vessels. The disease mostly encountered in middle-aged men, or smoke.
These headaches usually appear after 1-3 hours sleep woke up and found patients with a heavy head. The pain was confined to the first half, pain behind the eyes CHARLES BEDDINGTON John Constable forehead and temples spread. Deep pain characterized by pain and no sense of pulse, accompanied by some other symptoms like heavy eyes, watery eyes, stuffy nose, runny nose, sweating, sa eyelid and miosis (Assembly stock Horner) along side; no nausea and no vomiting. The pain or recurrent, sometimes painful 2-3 times a day, waves of pain lasting several days or weeks (so called headache each string). During this time if alcohol will hurt, but outside the period of pain, if the drink will not appear hurt.
Intermittent headaches usually appear very quickly without leaving a trace, usually appears on one side and at the transition to the other. Common signs such as restlessness. Headache bouts usually occur at night, this may be the cause of insomnia or depression.
Headache bouts often trigger autoimmune nervous system caused some expression such as hypertension, heart palpitations, sweating, ... They averaged about 2 to 12 weeks, pain reappears once. Headaches may occur between 15 minutes to 3 hours to appear in certain moments of the day.
Secondary headache (headache secondary to) be? While headache is the main problem with headaches, secondary headaches are caused by an underlying disease or injury that needs to be diagnosed and treated. Controlling headaches will need to occur simultaneously diagnostic tests are being reviewed to diagnose underlying disease. Some of the causes of secondary headaches can threaten lives. Some causes of secondary headaches are:
Trauma to the head and neck bleeding in the space between the layers of tissue surrounding the brain or in brain tissue membranes causing headaches.
Headache characterized by tumors deep pain, dull, intermittent, vary with posture and the operation, pain in the morning and could make the patient awake during the night. As the tumor grows, headaches and worse more quickly. If the tumor in the cerebellum, the pain tents appeared in the forehead; if u in the hole behind the occipital pain or neck area below. If the headache one party, or in the same side as the tumor. Depending tumor location but at a later stage may have focal neurological signs, signs of increased intracranial pressure (nausea, vomiting).
Headaches caused by meningeal syndrome: usually bleeding, usually triggered by a severe headache, sudden. Then will appear the sign of neck stiffness, change in consciousness and focal neurologic. In meningitis, type headache patients in both the first pulse signal with neck stiffness. If the lesions spread to the whole brain membranes and found both backache. Symptoms and signs attached depends on the type of bacteria.
Pain in the cranial neuralgias, facial and other types of headaches? This is the phenomenon that causes headaches because the nerves in the neck, head, face, causing pain and inflammation which leads to headaches.
This type of headache is usually attributed to the phenomenon of greater occipital neuralgia, or one of the roots, especially C2 nerve root, the pain points just beneath the scalp especially when clicking on the concave side of the occipital point where exit of the occipital nerves. Pain may spread to one side of the back of the head, with the subjective nature, soreness or bouncing when squeezing. Especially sharp sting when clicking on the physician's exit point occipital nerve. Often due to injury or stimulation one side, sometimes on both sides. Sometimes accompanied by burning pain points in C1 - C2 and root pain point edge corresponds cervical spine C2 along sides.
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