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Facility 1: Budapest-Hungary. Dr. Le Thuy Oanh operator.

Address: Hungary, 1161 Budapest, Csomori utca 73
Tel, fax: 003614057915
Hotline: 0036302419119
Email: Info@catgut-embedding.net
Website: www.caychi.org

Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

Address: 19 Alley 24 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Phone: 0243.5380.677 0903.231.148 - 0983.977.580
Email: vananh_ac01@yahoo.com
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Transplant patients treated with just

* Diseases of bones, joints, neck, shoulder, neck, knee, elbow, waist, sciatica.
* Allergies food, weather, dust ...
* Respiratory Diseases: Asthma, cough, colds, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis ...
* Diseases of the digestive tract: peptic ulcer, diarrhea apple, liquid, nausea, vomiting
digestive disorders.
* Eye disease: Reduced vision, dry eye, great-grandson Caleb, drooping eyelids
* Diseases of the ear: ear pain, tinnitus, dizziness, vestibular disorders ...
* Neurological disease, insomnia, tension thang.liet face, dab triangle neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia, nerve pain hands, chan.Noi fitting, do not say, forgetful.
* Diseases of the circulatory: Patients on blood pressure, heart disease, blood vessel blockage.
Hemorrhoids, cold numb limbs.
* Patients Advocacy: Erectile other reasons nhau.Liet children sinh.Cac dyskinesia congenital limb foot
* Sick women: menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, frigidity, vaginal discharge
* Disease Erectile dysfunction :: men, heterosexuals, weak physiological ...
* Diseases Down, autizm (autosuggestion) · Contains symptoms, do not change the chromosome.
* The tumor, tumor, increased immunity, anti-edema, nausea, longevity.
* Infertility Cure: Originally discovered, secondary to various causes (As of 2012 succeeded by Dr Le 400 ca Thuy Oanh examination and the treatment regimen)
* Diseases of the Skin: The type of external rashes, ezema, acne ...
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