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The exercises support

Health Exercise before sleep
Before going to bed, if persistently applied 8 following exercises will help boost the metabolism in the body, preventing many diseases and prolong life.
1. Use fingers head massage
Use the forefinger, middle and ring fingers of both hands into 45-degree curve, used in the first part of the finger nail scalp massage for 1-2 minutes at a rate 8 times / 10sec, so moderate rise improve blood supply, increase blood circulation, make sleep come easier.
2. Two rubbing ear
Using two adjacent index finger pressure on the lower ear, from bottom to top, from front to back, forcibly pressed and rubbed around the ears for 1-2 minutes to circulate the meridians, sedative heat, preventing the decline hearing.
3. Two rubbing surface
Use the palm massage the parts on hand for 1-2 minutes with a speed of 2 times / second to the meridian flow surface area, ease sleep and prevent wrinkles.
4. Massage the neck shoulder
Apply two forcibly pressed palms and massage section in the nape and shoulder muscles with speed 2 times / minute, the two sides focus backbone nape 1-2 minutes, so can relieve fatigue , prevention of pathological changes of the neck, nape.
5. Massage the chest and back
2 Use your thumb to press and massage the back and chest from top to bottom rate 2 times / sec, the key is the chest and waist, a total of approximately 2-3 minutes, as this may cause a heart healthy, healthy waist, circulation meridians government organs continent.
6. Hand pushing the legs
Two parallel arms firmly against his thighs, with the frequency of 1 sec / 1 time, push up and down for 1 minute, then switch to the other leg as well with 1 minute duration. This may expel fatigue thigh, leg circulation meridians.
7. Rub feet respectively
Get soles to rub onto the back of the left foot and the foot switch to the left onto his right foot rub, then use the right heel rubbed the palm of his left leg and back, a total time of about 2- 3 min. This can eliminate tired feet, blood circulation meridians.
8. Dan abdominal massage hands
Two interlocking hands pressed against abdomen, massages with speed 1-2 times / second, continuous massage all the abdominal position, the key is the navel and around, a total of about 2- 3 min.
This can make healthy spleen, stomach, promote digestion and absorption.
Note: When making should blindly recuperate, the brain does not think, peaceful mood, soothing tongue placed in the upper jaw, the body totally relax. From the 1 to 7 can be applied to manipulate sit, so 8 can apply supine manipulation.
Both 8 exercises are movements squeeze the skin and squeeze to increase efficiency. Implementation period of eight methods is from 12-18 minutes, seniors and persons with weak physical should be done in 12 minutes, having done this operation, the whole body is relaxed and sunk in sleep easy.
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