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Facility 1: Budapest-Hungary. Dr. Le Thuy Oanh operator.

Address: Hungary, 1161 Budapest, Csomori utca 73
Tel, fax: 003614057915
Hotline: 0036302419119
Email: Info@catgut-embedding.net
Website: www.caychi.org

Transplant centers only in Thai Ha - Ha Noi 

Address: 19 Alley 24 3 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Phone: 0243.5380.677 0903.231.148 - 0983.977.580
Email: vananh_ac01@yahoo.com
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Transplant patients only need to know

When patients to transplant only
Telephony and consulting appointment at the number 0903231148 disease or 0983977580
Chute with all papers, test results closest time as: Testing, movies, prescriptions, diagnostic ... of the hospital where the patient has treatment (if any).
- Do not drink alcohol, use of stimulants.
-No Overfeed or too hungry
Showering wash clean, because only 1-2 days after transplanting patients should restrict bathing
After Implantation only on:
- Two full days after transplantation absolutely just not hard work or working too much can also cause back pain nhieu.Di because only hard
- Do not drink, Sex
- No shower, no exercise strong
Usually after 2 days all normal activities
-In The magnets can cause bleeding, pain, and some will point purple vented few days will het.Mot few patients may experience pain for several days if the patient does not relax, causing spasms breathing patients breathe co.Neu all under the guidance of a doctor, it will not hurt.
- Want to have good results, long-term stability to treat patients properly and frequency waves that doctors love cau.Benh acute 3-5 times, chronic disease lan.Cac 5-10 autism, palsy brain, paralysis ... are worth a longer time.
- Usually after the first treatment the patients were found qua.Tru some patients with multiple disease-hard, then after a few months to complete DISPENSER I often incorporate more patients taking medicines or collective rollers, and maintain appropriate diet for each person.
-The Combination of implants and eating only scientifically guaranteed sound balance - positive. Along with practicing roller 100 Daily Doctor helps maintain health blood circulation dinh.Khi enhance disease resistance tat.Chong repel aging makes us always young beautiful healthy, live longer useful.
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